BRR Mag Preview: Unstoppable

It might seem like a weird choice to interview Rex Burkhead's old high school basketball coach from Plano (Texas), but you will have to read the quotes for yourself. There has been a wide array of draft projections to this point about where Rex might go, but according to Coach Tom Inman, Burkhead will surprise people in the combine.

Coach Tom Inman will forever be known as a person that doesn't hold back in an interview when it comes to Rex Burkhead. The recent interview with Big Red Report for Coach Inman to talk about Burkhead wasn't his first opportunity.

"A reporter called me four or five years ago and he ran down all of Rex's stats to me over the phone," Coach Tim Inman said, "and he finally asks me what I would say to someone who said he would struggle in college.

"I told him to tell everyone to say to everyone up there just like I did here when they said Rex was going to be a middle school stud and a high school dud. I told them all that they didn't understand. He called me back the next year and asked if I cared to gloat."

Rex Burkhead's father, Rick Burkhead, knows what he sees when he watches his son. Rick is an FBI agent in Dallas, but before that played collegiate and professional football. Rick says that underestimations of Rex by people continue today.

"Rex has actually been a little over 215-pounds the past year," Rick Burkhead said. "He was 221-pounds after a practice during bowl week in December. It's not an issue with the weight because obviously it looked like he was moving well in the bowl game.

"Rex has heard it his whole life about being a running back and being white. He's been encouraged to change positions. Rex is a guy that is going to work just as hard as everyone else on that board if not outwork them."

Want to read more? Be sure and pick up the March issue of Big Red Report Magazine which will be available on news stands in February.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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