Darlington likes the Huskers

Apopka (Flor.) junior signal-caller Zack Darlington is not just one of the best in the state of Florida for 2014, but the nation. Darlington recently picked up a player of the year honor that drives home the idea that he will be one of the most sought after players in the nation next year.

The state of Florida is annually one of the hottest places for the top, football recruits in the nation. Zack Darlington from Apopka (Flor.) will be one of the most sought after quarterbacks in the nation next year. He is rehabbing a wrist injury and working towards getting ready for spring ball.

"My plan was to play baseball, but because of my wrist that's probably not going to happen," Darlington said. "I am going to be just working out until spring, working with a trainer and trying to gain weight."

The injury came fairly early in the playoffs for Darlington. The injury also cost him some "fun". That fun would have been a chance to get out there and play some baseball this spring.

"In the second round I had a long run and I stiff armed a guy. I bent it backwards and I broke one of the bones in it. It's in my throwing hand so that's why I am not going to play baseball.

"Baseball isn't a main sport for me it's just something to do for fun. With football coming in the fall I have to get my arm ready for my senior season."

Darlington had a solid junior season. The 6-foot-2 and 190-pound quarterback was all-state and was recently named the player of the year in the area.

"I know that I made the all-state team and I was player of the year for central Florida by the Orlando Sentinel. I was around 67 or 68% on my completion percentage. I almost had 1,800 passing yards and I rushed for almost 800 more yards. I had 19 passing touchdowns and 10 more rushing."

It's still a pass first and run second mentality for Darlington, but he loves to run the football. He has a confidence on the field that you need to have to be a top quarterback.

"I think that I am calm in the pocket, accurate and I have enough speed to get out of trouble. I am still a throw first and run second quarterback for the most part. I like to throw it around, but I love to run."

Darlington emerged on the radar for Nebraska fans around the Capital One Bowl Game practices. Darlington and his father checked out the practices last year and when Nebraska was there this year Zack jumped at the opportunity to check them out because it was Nebraska and because he resembles a former, Nebraska quarterback.

"I think what we do here at Apopka is very similar to what Nebraska does on offense. I think that with my experience running a similar offense if I went to Nebraska that I wouldn't miss a beat. I think that I would pick it up fast.

"I love what Nebraska does on offense and how they run the ball and throw. They had such a great running game too with Rex Burkhead and Ameer Abdullah back there this year. I like how professional teams are picking up on similar styles of offense to Nebraska too."

There has never been a trip to Nebraska before for Darlington and nothing is set up, yet. Darlington says that he's waiting to get some information about summer camps in Lincoln.

"I don't have anything planned yet to go to Nebraska. I will more than likely get up there to Lincoln for camp this summer. It's all just what we can set up. If I got a chance to go up there for a visit I would love to take it."

The first DI offer is already on the table to Darlington, a well-timed offer to say the least, and he would like make plans to see there. Darlington says that he's already making a strong relationship with the staff.

"I got offered by Virginia Tech so I am sure that I will get up to their junior day and go to their camp. They seem to really like me. I got that offer on Christmas morning."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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