Chmura Ready To Get Started

Future Michigan State tight end Dylan Chmura told he enjoyed his official visit last weekend so much he didn't want to leave. What else did Chmura have to say about his official visit? We caught up with the Wisconsin native for the latest.

Despite being the son of former NFL tight end Mark Chmura, Dylan Chmura may be one of the less talked about recruits in Michigan State's 2013 recruiting class.

Following his official visit last weekend, Chmura is ready to get the next phase of his academic and athletic career started.

"My visit to Michigan State was a lot of fun and I didn't want to come back," said Chmura. "I still have a lot of work that needs to be done before I get out.

"We had all 15 of our commits and then we had two guys commit while we were there so that was a nice surprise."

While many questioned the Spartans having so many official visitors over one weekend, Chmura said all the players wanted it that way.

"We all planned to come out at the same time to start building some team chemistry," explained Chmura. "I feel we accomplished that and we formed a lot of new friendships having everyone out there at one time."

Because of missed time on the field Chmura may not have picked up the ranking he desired but he knows he's now ready to show what he can do.

"Health wise I'm 100-percet recovered," said Chmura. "The season was great as we ended up 500. But we advanced to level two of our playoffs. Up until the visit I've been training and relaxing as I get ready to report to Michigan State."

One part of the visit the Waukesha (WI) West tight end will always remember came during the group's time watching the Spartans basketball team knock off Ohio State.

"The basketball game was a very fun and crazy experience," said Chmura. "It was a great experience as we were all excited when the beat Ohio State. So that was probably the most memorable thing during my visit."

While most prospects take official visits with members of their family, Chmura traveled to East Lansing by himself of the advice of his father.

"I went on the visit to Michigan State by myself," said Chmura. "That was one of the things my dad wanted to emphasis as I'm going to be there by myself. So why not take the official visit by myself and get use to it."

Chmura also used the time with his host to set up some possible favoritism when he arrives on campus.

"Tyler O'Connor was my host and he's a nice kid," said Chmura. "We got to talking a little bit and it will be fun to get to play with him. It's a good advantage to be put with a quarterback as if they like you they'll tend to get you the ball a little more. So hopefully I came across nice to him. I also got a chance to meet Andrew Maxwell."

One thing Chmura learned from Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio during his visit was the chance of competing early in his career with the departure of Dion Sims to the NFL.

"They told me the position is wide open to take and that I had just as good of an opportunity as everyone else," said Chmura. "I know I need to come in and learn my stuff quickly and adjust to the speed as I could be one of the guys you see on day one.

"Coach Dantonio also talked about the opportunities I would have to make an impact and hopefully make an impact right away. I also know I'll probably be getting my number, No. 89 which was a nice surprise."

With early playing time a possibility, Chmura plans on making his way to East Lansing early.

"I'm planning on going out a few weeks before the rest of the guys," said Chmura. "I know a few guys are coming out the beginning of June. But I'm looking to come in mid June before we all get together in early July as we'll have our orientation."

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