Up for debate: Will the defense be better?

Nebraska's defensive scoring average has gone up the last few years. Will the Huskers reverse the trend in 2013?

In our next issue of Big Red Report magazine, we ask the Lincoln Journal Star's Steve Sipple, the Associated Press' Eric Olson, and Omaha ESPN 590's Michael Grey to answer a handful of topics previewing the Huskers offseason and 2013 season.

So how about a little preview? Here is one question you should expect in the next magazine.

This was the third straight year where we saw Nebraska's scoring defense climb. Can it be better in 2013 and reverse that trend?

Olson: "It's hard to imagine it being worse than this year, given that Pelini is supposed to be pretty sharp defensively. I'm guessing it will be one of his pressing concerns this offseason. I don't see the points happening again, even though they will be relatively inexperienced. Mathematically, I can't see them giving up the big numbers again, which will push the average down. I also don't think the Big Ten offenses are the most productive in the land, so that's going to help as well."

Sipple: "I do, again I go back to having to put some faith in what the head coach says. They are going to be more athletic. I think they will have more explosive athletes than they did this year. Everyone knew it was going to be the case this year, so I don't know why it surprised us that they struggled at times."

Grey: "I think they can if the coaching staff addresses their scheme. I think they have to adjust for a lot of youth and get comfortable, being uncomfortable, with the amount of inexperienced players they are going to put on the field. They have athletes, but not guys with the playing time."

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