BRR Filmroom: Greg Hart (SR clips)

Nebraska commitment Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Alter is ready to get to Lincoln to being his career playing tight end. By the looks of his film he definitely brings a lot to the table at that position and possibly could have played another position at Nebraska.

Greg Hart from Kettering (Ohio) Archbishop is being recruited to play tight end by Nebraska, but he is clearly talented enough that Hart could play either side of the football in college.

Ask Hart though and he will tell you that he wants to play tight end at Nebraska. He sees the need in Lincoln and he likes the idea of getting the ball in his hands.

And he's good at it. Hart has good size, 6-foot-5 and around 227-pounds. Hart isn't Kyler Reed. Hart also isn't Ben Cotton. He's actually somewhere in the middle and that also is a good thing.

Hart doesn't have the clips on his high school film to show you he can block, but let's be honest at 6-foot-5 and 227-pounds do you think that he couldn't block in high school? He's just never been asked to do it.

And blocking at the tight end position is important, but the way that Nebraska has used Cotton before in the past will be different than how Nebraska wants to use Hart. Hart will have to learn about hand placement, but lined up next to the tackle I could see Hart being an effective blocker.

I don't see Hart playing a lot in the near future in Lincoln lined up tight to the tackle though. I see Hart in motion, in the slot, in the backfield and moving around a lot creating mismatches. Hart reminds be a little of Matt Herian and J.B. Phillips.

My knock on Herian was that he tended to rely on his foot speed and didn't go up to get under thrown passes as often as he should have. Hart on the other hand not only slows up, but stops and gets himself in a position to go up for the ball against smaller defenders.

Hart also has speed though. Watch that first play where he takes an outside release with the linebacker up tight and then moves back inside to get to the safety. Hart breaks a tackle and then outruns a pair of third level defenders.

Before wrapping this up, Hart could have put playing offense in jeopardy by putting together is senior highlights. Hart off of the edge on defense is a force.

Hart was the defensive lineman of the year in the conference with 60 tackles, 11 sacks and five knock downs. Hart has a quick first step, is instinctive and shows good one on one pass rushing skills.

Hart says that most of his offers in the MAC were to play tight end. His wish though was to play tight end at Nebraska and the Huskers shouldn't have a problem with that at all.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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