Nebraska makes impression on Veii

Nebraska is trying to finish up their 2013 class with a flurry. One of their last official visitors for the year was Jacquille Vei from Bethesda (Md.) The Avalon School. What were his thoughts about the visit?

Jacquille Veii from Besthesda (Md.) The Avalon School made his last official visit this weekend to Nebraska. The 5-foot-11 and 180-pound cornerback got into Lincoln on Friday and was on his way to the airport when he caught up with

"I got in on Friday," Veii said. "I got a chance to see the facilities and take a tour. I also got to meet some of the staff and I spoke with the strength coach, the nutritionist and also with the training staff.

"I also met my host later that night when all of the visitors were at dinner. My host was LeRoy Alexander who is a defensive back. He's a real funny dude and I liked talking to him."

The following day there was a lot of meetings for all of the official visitors including meeting with the rest of the staff. They also got a great chance to see the academic facilities and went to the Nebraska basketball game that night.

"On Saturday we had meetings with the coaches, kind of like Friday, and I met with the rest of the coaches. I also met with the academic staff and saw the academic facilities. That night we went to the basketball game."

Today there was a chance to talk with the head coach and defensive coordinator to really talk about how Veii fits in at Nebraska. Veii says that the scheme and style of defense that Nebraska runs is a good fit for him.

"On Sunday I had a chance to meet with Coach Bo Pelini and Coach John Papuchis and we talked about how things are there and their players. We went to brunch after that.

"Nebraska likes me as a cornerback or a nickel. That's what I want to play in college. I think that Nebraska is a good fit for me. Their cornerbacks get after it. They had the No. 1 pass defense in the nation last year."

The visit got a very high school from Veii saying that getting a chance to see the campus with students, seeing the town and meeting with all of the players were the best parts of the weekend.

"I would rate the visit a "9"," Veii said. "Some of the best things for me about the trip was getting there and seeing some of the students around the campus and what it's really like. The city of Lincoln is a lot like where I am from and all of the players were real cool. I can't think of anything that I wished was better."

Veii plans on announcing his college decision publicly on National Signing Day this Wednesday at 11:30EST/10:30CST.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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