Westphal On UM

One of the top defensive backs in the Midwest, 2014 Bolingbrook High (Ill.) Parrker Westphal visited Michigan Sunday and recaps it inside.

Bolingbrook (Ill.) junior defensive back Parrker Westphal made a return trip to Michigan Sunday.

"The visit was good, we left at 5-am to get to Michigan," Westphal said. "We spoke with some of the coaches, went to the basketball game, and then I got to talk to some of the commits."

Even though Westphal has been to Michigan several times, there are important things that he learns each time he returns.

"One thing that I enjoy about visiting is that I get a better feel for the coaches each time," Westphal said.

Westphal also has one other visit planned for the next several weeks.

"My next visit is going to be March 1st, I am going to visit Northwestern," Westphal said.

There are several things that Westphal is looking for while he is taking these spring visits.

"When I am visiting campuses I am looking to see how the players interact with each other," Westphal said. "And how the coaches interact with the players as well."

And in the not so distant future, he is going to start thinking about narrowing down his double-digit offers.

"My plan for committing is to narrow down my list and make a decision sooner rather than later," Westphal said. "Really when I feel the time is right is when I will decide."

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