Tacoma OT surprised at WSU Junior Day

HE'S A DECORATED in-state offensive line prospect, with seven Pac-12 offers already to his name. The 6-6, 272-pounder out of Tacoma's Fife High has also been said to be a heavy UW lean. CF.C asked him if that was the case and more, following his junior day experience out on the Palouse.

Kaleb McGary said he had some preconceived ntions before his junior day trip to Washington State on Saturday. But as soon as he set foot on campus, he was blown away.

"Just walking through the school, I was honestly impressed," McGary said. "To be honest, I wasn't expecting much from WSU, but everything was great. What stood out was how good of a place it can be for a person. It has good schooling and the football team right now might not have much going for them, but with the new coaching staff and facilities, they're going to be able to do something special.

"It might take a year or two for things to get rolling for them, but it will roll pretty hard. The coaching staff has a vision and that's to rebuild the program."

Perhaps what made the trip special for McGary was taking in the sights of the rolling hills of the Palouse. What few know about McGary is that he grew up in Amboy, Wash., a small town located in Clark County with a population of under 2,500.

"Having the background that I do, I absolutely loved the location," McGary said with a laugh. "I'm from a little town near the foothills of Mount St. Helens, so I'm used to living in a small city. It opened my eyes a little bit. The trip really gave me a good look to see for myself what it would be like if I decided to go there. I talked with some of the players too and they had similar tastes as me and the culture out there was quite nice."

MCGARY SAID THE Cougar coaches like him at one of the o-tackle spots and have told him that his agility can render him having an impact at in WSU's system and at the Pac-12 level.

"They like my quickness and that I'm good in space," McGary said. "I'm basically good at the general stuff you'd look for in a tackle. (I've talked with) Coach Clay McGuire, which has been nice. He's a bit of a country boy like myself and we share a lot of the same interests. We talk about once or twice a week and I enjoy it quite it a bit."

McGary holds scholarship offers from Oregon State, Oregon, Utah, ASU, UW and Cal in addition to WSU.

Being from the west side of the state, there have been rumblings that McGary is a strong UW lean. Asked about that, McGary said that he is very interested in the Huskies, but that the UW is in no way, shape or form his leader at this point.

"I'm honestly open at this point," he said. "I'm not going to lie to anyone though, my family has been Husky fans for year and I really like them. I have a great relationship with Coach (Justin) Wilcox and I'm very fond of their program, but I'm not by any means sealing the deal. There are a few schools I like and I'm going to stay open to them.

Four Pac-12 schools, McGary said, are sticking out to him at this point.

"It's kind of hard to put a list together, but If I had to put one together, I'd say UW and Oregon State are up there just because I've been recruited by them the longest. I've had contact with the Oregon Ducks quite a bit too and I like their program. I'm starting to give a lot more thought to WSU too. I really enjoyed myself out there for their junior day.

"I'm really not trying to lean any which way right now. I'll see who is interested and in the end it will come down to where I feel most comfortable for the present and future. I'm also going to make sure the school has a good combination of athletics and academics."

McGary added that he doesn't have any other spring trips officially planned, but he is working on tripping to Oregon, Oregon State and possibly Cal and ASU.

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