Pierschbacher Considers Cal

Offensive lineman Ross Pierschbacher is still committed to Iowa, but the California sunshine may prove enticing to the Iowa native.

Although four-star offensive tackle Ross Pierschbacher is committed to Iowa, the 6-foot-5, 270-pounder is still keeping his options open.

Still, when he got an offer a week ago from California offensive line coach Zach Yenser, he was a bit taken aback.

"I was kind of surprised. It was my first time talking to him on the phone and what-not, but it just shows their interest, I guess, and so I was pretty surprised by it," Pierschbacher said. "I mean, I'm still willing to hear what other schools have to say. A lot of things can happen from now until then, so you never know. I'm not shutting any schools out of the picture, really."

The pitch job for Yenser was an easy one. He has 60-degree days in February to sell, while Pierschbacher isn't exactly sitting with his toes in the water and hind end in the sand in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

"From what I heard, the school is pretty good, and I'm interested in looking into that. Weather, I think right now it's five degrees outside," Pierschbacher laughed. "I went on a walk while I was waiting to get my truck serviced, and it was zero degrees with 20 mph winds blowing right in my face. It was pretty cold, but 60, I'd take that right now."

Pierschbacher said that he and Yenser just "kind of [got] to know each other," during their conversations, and that "He talked about the school, that it had very good academics, and about visiting California, he told me about the new staff and how things are going."

Pierschbacher is looking to take several swings around the country to check out his suitors, and one of those will be out to the West Coast.

"He invited me and said he'd love to have me out there. I'm looking to get out. I'm looking to travel out West and check out some schools out there and then go down South and see some of the SEC schools, too," Pierschbacher said. "I'm looking to put something together where I can make some visits. I'm not sure when or anything set in stone, but it's in the background."

Schools Pierschbacher wants to see are Cal, Oregon, USC (with whom he conversed on Tuesday night) and Stanford. Down South, he wants to check out Auburn, Alabama, LSU and Florida.

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