Nebraska: 64 Iowa: 60

Coming back from a 19-point deficit, the Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-14, 4-10) rallied in the second half to down the Iowa Hawkeyes, 64-60.

LINCOLN, Neb - Coming back from a 19-point deficit late in the second half, the Nebraska Cornhuskers (13-14, 4-10) rallied in the second half to down the Iowa Hawkeyes, 64-60.


It was a forgettable first half for the Huskers, who found themselves down 19 at one point. A streak of three-straight three pointers by Iowa late in the half dug Nebraska head coach Tim Miles' squad into a deeper and deeper hole.

"It looked to me like Iowa was playing with a purpose," said Miles. "You could see this were committed to coming in here and kicking your butt."

However, it wasn't just a defense issue, but an offense issue for Nebraska. A lack of offensive flow and energy led to turnovers and poor shots, failing to allow the Huskers to get back into the game.

"There was times where we looked passive and tentative, and other times where we look hurried," said Miles.


In the locker room, one can imagine that there was a lot of yelling and things being thrown after the effort the Huskers showed in the first half. However, it was surprisingly calm as coaches and redshirt players challenged the guys to play with more energy and at a faster pace.

"We just played with more energy," said Ubel. "At half time we looked ourselves in our mirror. Everyone in the locker room said we looked slow, we looked like we weren't into it."

Players in the post game press conference were all smiles, especially the freshman Shields, who put on a show. Shields finished the game with 17 points and seven rebounds.

"On a scale of one to ten, it was a 15, it was probably one the most fun games I've ever played in," said Shields.

And in front of almost 12,000 fans, which is one of the biggest crowds of the season, the fans played a major role.

"We fed off the crowd's energy, they helped us a lot," said Shields.

It's expected for a freshman to be pumped up after a big win, but even the senior forward Ubel couldn't stop smiling.

"That was a lot of fun, I don't think I've ever had that big of a deficit and come back," said Ubel.


Senior Dylan Talley is never one to shy away from taking a big shot for his team, and tonight, Talley delivered. With just under 10 seconds left in the game, Talley stopped and popped from behind the three-point line to burry a three, giving the Huskers a 63-60 lead.

"I think every shot I shoot is going to go in, I shoot it with confidence," said Talley. "I get yelled at in practice for the crossover three point shot, but I had to do it, so I'm just fortunate it went in."

Talley is never one to lack confidence, but Ubel wasn't so sure that it would go in. "After the shot I said, I need to get an offensive rebound," said a laughing Ubel. "I just told him it was a big shot. It was a big shot."

The Huskers face a quick turnaround, before they take on the Badgers in Madison, Wisconsin, Tuesday night.

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