Wolf talks about Nebraska offer

Tight end was a position of significant importance in the 2013 class for Nebraska and will be again in 2014. The Huskers have extended some new offers to tight end recruits including this one from Ohio.

Ethan Wolf is just finishing one season to literally begin another at Minster (Ohio). The 6-foot-6 and 238-pound Wolf is going from the hardwood inside to the diamond outside starting next week.

"We just finished up basketball season," Wolf said. "We start baseball on Monday. That's the schedule right now when it comes to other sports. I play catcher and first base in baseball."

Besides getting ready for baseball season Wolf says that he's trying to fit in some additional recruiting trips. Wolf has been to see a few schools already this year and would like to get out to see some spring practices as well.

"I am trying to schedule some more trips when I can. I have been to see Indiana, Louisville and Kentucky so far. I am looking to get to some spring practices now at some schools.

"I am going to get to Indiana, Michigan State and Tennessee for a spring practice. I spoke with my dad today and he said that he would like to travel to Nebraska for a visit."

The visit to Nebraska is definitely something that is only being thrown around. Wolf admits that the visit would be nice, but the offer just came a couple of days ago and the interest from Nebraska is still pretty new.

"It remains to be seen about Nebraska. It's a long drive. We would definitely like to get out there. I have seen Nebraska has been making some more offers to players from Ohio.

"I was surprised when I got the offer from Nebraska. I had only been exchanging messages with them over Facebook for only a couple of weeks. It wasn't a long process. I was real excited though."

Nebraska is shaking things up a bit among the assistant coaches. There is a new tight ends coach, who is also going to be the running game coordinator, and he happens to have some ties to the tight end position at Nebraska.

"Coach Barney Cotton is the coach from Nebraska that's recruiting me. He said that he has one son that played tight end at Nebraska and another that's a freshman on the team. Obviously he knows what he's doing.

"When I watched Nebraska play Ohio State last fall I liked what they did with their tight ends actually. We just weren't in contact at the time of that game."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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