Picks up Nebraska offer

The Nebraska staff has talked a lot about the need to get more players from inside the 500-mile radius of Lincoln. Inside the 250-mile radius is even more critical making this linebacker a top target for Nebraska.

Lee's Summit (Mo.) linebacker Jimmie Swain is busy with football and it's technically not even spring yet. The 6-foot-3 and 212-pound linebacker is training hard for his senior season as well as making some trips.

"My schedule is getting busy with football stuff," Swain said. "I am just training, conditioning and lifting weights. I am training and taking some trips too. I have a few things planned right now, but I am sure I will plan more.

"I know that I am going down to Kansas State on March 13th and I am going to junior day at Illinois on March 9th. I think that I will be in Lincoln for Nebraska's spring game on April 6th-7th. I have combines too like the UnderArmour combine on April 21st and a Nike Elite Training Camp on May 5th."

Swain is more of a middle linebacker right now for Lee's Summit, but he's being evaluated by college coaches to play outside. Swain credits his time studying film as well as his athleticism when it comes to his on the field ability.

"I line up in the middle as a MIKE right now. I usually call out the plays and line up everyone correctly, but I have been hearing that I am an outside linebacker prospect according to college coaches. I am hearing a SAM linebacker prospect.

"I think that I have a good football intelligence. I do study and watch a lot of film and I think that helps me make plays. I think that my athleticism is my biggest thing and when you add that into my film study, recognizing a formation, knowing tendencies and that helps me do things faster on the field."

Swain's latest offer came yesterday. An offer, by the way, that makes his fourth offer from teams in the Big Ten conference. Swain is now up to five offers total and says that he really likes all of the schools that have offered so far.

"I got an offer from Nebraska yesterday," Swain said. "I also have offers from Minnesota, Illinois, Iowa and Kansas. All of the schools seem like great schools and all of the coaches have been helpful to me and they aren't bashing each other. Everyone has been real nice."

While Swain says that he likes all of the schools that have offered he does say that the Nebraska offer stands out. The Nebraska staff have had a chance to tell Swain about the consecutive sell out streak and leading the NCAA in academic All-Americans.

"My immediate thought about the Nebraska offer was that it's a big program. I was talking to one of their coaches and he was telling me that they have sold out every game like the last 50 years. They are also adding to their stadium.

"It's also the conference and playing the Big Ten. Playing in opposing teams stadiums and their fan bases. You are going to have a chance to play in front of a lot of fans every week. Nebraska, before they offered me, told me that they had the most academic All-Americans in NCAA history too."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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