Offer No. 6 is from Nebraska

The Nebraska staff are a couple of practices into their spring schedule, but they are not forgetting about recruiting. In fact, the Nebraska staff made an offer to this St. Louis product earlier today.

Raymond Wingo from St. Louis (Mo.) University picked up his latest offer today. The Nebraska Cornhuskers make it offer No. 6 for Wingo so far.

"I got an offer from Nebraska today," Wingo said. "I think that makes six. I have offers from Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Kansas State and Illinois too."

Wingo says that immediately the defensive tradition at Nebraska and the fact that Nebraska puts a lot of defensive players into the NFL stands out.

"I really don't know a lot about Nebraska except that they do put a lot of players into the NFL especially defensive players. So I think that their defensive tradition is pretty strong."

While the defensive tradition stands out Wingo isn't sure if Nebraska likes him on defense or not. Most schools are giving Wingo an option of which position he would like to play and he says he prefers defense.

"I really don't know yet.," Wingo said. "I called them and they didn't answer the phone. Different schools are giving me the choice of which position to play between wide receiver and cornerback.

"I think that I want to play cornerback. I have good height, good speed and I have quick hips. I like to do press, man-to-man coverage on the outside."

There is a lot of uncertainty about upcoming trips for Wingo because of track season. He says that he is thinking about a Nike camp in Dallas sometime in April and other trips might have to wait until the summer.

"I don't know because I have track right now. It might just be trips this summer. I am running the 100m, 200m, 4x100m and 4x400m. I only ran the 100m once last year and I ran an 11-flat 100m."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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