Gifford is a Husker!

It didn't take long for Luke Gifford to figure out which school was right for him. Just days after getting his offer from Nebraska, Gifford has become the first commitment for the Nebraska class of 2014.

Luke Gifford got the offer that he wanted last week when Nebraska offered the 6-foot-3 and 195-pound athlete from Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast last week. Gifford said he thought about committing right then and there to Nebraska, but waited it out so he could do it in person.

"I committed to Nebraska!" Gifford said. "I had made my decision to commit to Nebraska late last week. I already knew what I wanted to do, but it was more a matter of deciding when.

"I decided that I wanted to commit in person and I couldn't make it to practice on Saturday. I was able to get over there today and I decided that today was the day."

Coming from the state of Nebraska it's just about every kids' dream to get an opportunity to play for the Huskers. Gifford said it was his dream, but he also said that the coaches, facilities and quality of education also weighed into his decision.

"Growing up here it's always been a dream school. I have watched them play every Saturday for as long as I can remember. It was that and the coaches, Coach Bo Pelini is a great guy and all of the other assistant coaches are great.

"The facilities are top-notch at Nebraska, they prepare you for life after football and it's a great academic school. All the way around it's just a great place."

Last year Nebraska enjoyed having Josh Banderas in the class acting a bit like a recruiting coordinator among the recruits. Gifford says that he wants to assist the Nebraska staff this year in any way he can and trying to help assemble the class of 2014.

"I definitely want to be someone that other recruits can reach out to and talk to about Nebraska. I am looking forward to being a leader in the class and hopefully get some guys to come and join me in the class."

The spring time is an open time for Gifford because he will not be running track. Gifford said that the goal this spring is to add some weight to his long frame."I am just working out. I am taking the spring off. I will just be trying to add some weight."

While Gifford wasn't able to attend practice on Saturday his Lincoln (Nebr.) Southeast team mate, D.J. Foster, was there. Foster was there again today because he wanted to be there when Gifford committed to the Nebraska coaching staff.

"D.J. Foster knew that I was going to do it. He was at practice on Saturday. He was there today just because he knew that I was going to do it."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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