McGary ecstatic about Nebraska offer

Don't pigeonhole Kaleb McGary as a lineman because he's tall and weighs more than just about anyone else on the football field. Players just don't have McGary's combination of size and speed making him a highly sought after recruit for 2014.

Kaleb McGary at 6-foot-6 and 272-pounds from Tacoma (Wash.) Fife has seen his recruitment take off. He gets out of school each day and starts calling the college coaches back. He's enjoying the inconvenience of being a highly recruited college football prospect.

"I have been calling back a lot of coaches lately," McGary said. "The recruiting process has been, wow. To say the least I never thought that a farm boy like me would be getting this kind of attention."

While McGary has a ton of talent there is also a need for some polish during this time before fall camp opens up. The position that McGary will be playing this fall plays a lot into what he would like to work on a little bit too.

"I want to improve on speed and strength as well as my quickness and reaction time. Since I am playing tight end this year I am going to keeping working on my hand, how I run routes and doing the little things right."

McGary is hearing that most schools like him as an offensive tackle, but there are a couple of other positions being thrown out there too.

"Just about everyone likes me as an offensive tackle. Washington likes me as a strongside defensive end and tight end. That sounds like a ton of fun. Nebraska said they like me at tight end too and possibly at tackle."

You get a great combination of size and speed with McGary as well as an experienced big man who has played a variety of positions before in the past. After getting some time at tight end lately though McGary is thinking more and more about a position that is a little more in the spotlight.

"I think that I am kind of unique and that I move pretty well for a big man," McGary said. "I have at one time or another played just about every position on offense or defense except for the obvious of quarterback, tailback, fullback and free safety.

"I have really played every other position out there. My heart isn't set so much on a position to play in college, but I have have fallen in love a little bit with tight end. It's fun. There are things I miss being a lineman, the brotherhood of the front five, and I miss that. It's fun to feel a little more important."

There will be some trips this summer for McGary, but nothing is set up at the moment. This summer will be restricted to places and schools that he and his family will drive. He plans on taking all five of his official visits so a school like Nebraska will have to wait until fall.

"Officially, no I don't have anything set up at the moment. I am working with my dad to get some trips set up to see Oregon, Oregon State, Arizona State or California too. This summer we won't go places where we can't drive."

The Nebraska offer was a big one for McGary. The Huskers like McGary on offense for sure and want to take a look at the athletic big man at a couple of different positions with tight end being the first one he gets a shot at.

"I grew up loving Nebraska and Washington. I can't literally bounce off of a wall and if I try it's not graceful, but I was pretty happy about the Nebraska offer. I was really happy about them offering me.

"You hear people say you are going to play tackle and then a big school like Nebraska says we will give you a shot a either tight end or tackle was pretty cool. I have been talking with Coach Barney Cotton and Coach John Garrison from Nebraska."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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