Nebraska interested in Butler

Spring football is around the corner for high schools in Texas and it's a chance for a lot of players to go from getting interest from schools to getting offers. Akilian Butler is one of those players who could benefit from a solid spring.

Spring football is just a few weeks away for Mesquite (Texas) West and Akilian Butler says that he's getting ready by running track right now. Butler says that he's doing two relays as well as a field event.

"I run track and I am getting ready for spring football," Butler said. "I run the relays and do the long jump."

West had a successful 2013 campaign making the playoffs, but there were a lot of talented seniors on that team and West will have a new head coach this year too. Butler can only focus on himself though and says that he will attack this spring.

"Spring practices start in the middle of the April I think. I just want to give it my all this spring. I thought that I did a good job my junior year, but I need to keep working hard."

There aren't any offers on the table yet for Butler. The evaluation period is around the corner though and starts the same date as West's spring practices. Things could change quick for this wide receiver.

"Recruiting is going good. I am getting letters from Texas A&M, Baylor and I heard Nebraska was interested in me. Nebraska was through here this year when Dimarya Mixon signed with them."

Butler has been to a junior day already this year to a school he's had a chance to see a time before. He will be headed there for a third time this summer for camp and he knows about one other camp that he will go to.

"I plan on going to summer camps at both Baylor and Texas A&M this summer. I did go to Baylor's junior day earlier this year and I went on an unofficial last year to the Oklahoma State game at Baylor."

Butler at 5-foot-11 and 170-pounds brings a lot of speed with him to the table at the wideout position. He says that being able to stretch the field is his biggest asset.

"I am best off of the line and I think that I can stretch the field. I play the wide receiver position fast and at a high level."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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