Focus 2014: Marlon McKeithen takes a look in to the recruitment of the 2014 offensive lineman from Wyandotte (Kan.)…

Profile: Marlon McKeithen
Height: 6'4
Weight: 265

Wyandotte (Kan.) head coach Eddie Brown spoke with about his big linemen, who helps protect D1 recruit Dimonic McKinzy.

"He has the athleticism to play tight end and has the talent level of a D1. He needs to continue to develop his size. He is pretty good with his technique."

"He is a great hard working kid. His negative has been he is a late bloomer. All his younger years he was just a basketball player, so he is just learning the ins and outs of the games of football."

He moves well for the position and his foot work and his feet are awesome. He is getting stronger and getting him to master his craft is where we are right now, being nasty with his craft. He is working on it."

Schools like Tulsa and Illinois have come through the school to check in on other prospects and that is when they have got the chance to look at McKeithen, who has added a solid 20+ pounds after playing at 240 his junior season.

"The schools that have come in and looked at him have come and looked at him as a tight end. That is why you see the 20 pound weight gain from last season to now. He will probably start the season at 275 to 280. He has the frame to do it. He is only in his second year of weightlifting."

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