Wade visiting Nebraska

New offers continue to trickle out by the Nebraska coaching staff. An offer found it's way to this east coast quarterback earlier int he month and he will be in Lincoln on Thursday and Friday.

Darius Wade is a recruit that will be one to watch over the coming weeks. Wade, a 6-foot-2 and 183-pound quarterback from Middleton (Del.) picked up an offer from Nebraska earlier this month and will leave for a two day long unofficial visit to Lincoln this morning.

"I leave for Nebraska on Thursday," Wade said. "I will be there Thursday and Friday. I picked up an offer from Nebraska two or three weeks ago. I was talking to Coach Tim Beck over Facebook. He asked me to call. He said that he loved my tape and that they were offering."

The distance between Wade's home and Nebraska is something that is on his mind. He knows that he's not the type to feel the distance away from home wherever he's at, but he realizes it's the elements of where he's at that present time that keeps his mind off of it.

"Overall I am looking forward to see the campus in general. Knowing that it's pretty far away from home. I don't typically get home sick, but I want to go there and feel comfortable on campus, with the coaches and the people around the program. I need to like the people that I will be with."

Wade had just been sitting on two offers for the longest time. However about three weeks ago he saw his offer list double and then some.

"I had Delaware and Massachusetts, but then I had three more offer. First, it was Nebraska that came in with an offer and the next day it was Syracuse and just a couple of days after that Boston College offered. It was a pretty exciting week for me."

The process is something that Wade is really enjoying now. He felt like more offer would find their way to him sooner, but he's been patient. He knows how it works and is doing everything that he can to do his best.

"I am definitely enjoying it. It's a blessing knowing that I am experiencing something that not everyone gets a chance to go through. When I got my first couple of offers I thought things would pick up, but they didn't.

"I went out and had as good of a junior year as I could have, but I just didn't get any new offers. These coaches and these schools would tell my coaches that they loved me, but they still want to see me throw. I understand that because quarterback is a position that needs to be carefully evaluated."

Wade will be in Nebraska for just about two, full days. He says that there will be a lot of on-campus activities tomorrow for him to see what Nebraska has to offer and on Friday he will get to see the team in action.

"I am really looking forward to tomorrow and Friday at Nebraska. I know that tomorrow will be filled with getting around campus, seeing things, see the facilities and meeting the people associated with the program and on Friday will be focused around football."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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