Wade leaves Lincoln impressed

It's a long time until signing day for the 2014 class, but Darius Wade from Middleton (Del.) is planning on committing this summer. Yesterday and today the signal caller was in Lincoln checking out Nebraska. What were his thoughts about the visit?

Darius Wade, a 6-foot-2 and 183-pound quarterback from Middleton (Del.), has been on the road to see Nebraska since yesterday. He caught up with BigRedReport.com before hopping on a plane to get back home tonight.

"I got to Lincoln yesterday," Wade said while he was on his way to the airport. "I sat with the academic support department, the life skills group and all of the other people at Nebraska that impact your life outside the game of football.

"Today it was all about football. I got to meet all of the coaches and I got a great opportunity to sit down with Coach Tim Beck. I got a chance to talk with him about what he expects of his quarterbacks, understand how he coaches and check out his offensive philosophy. I got a chance to watch film with Coach Beck and the other quarterbacks today too."

When you see Wade in his high school highlights you see a player that looks like has the right skill set to play at Nebraska. Wade agrees after having a chance to see the Nebraska offense up-close.

"I think that I fit in perfectly with the Nebraska offense. You have to be effective throwing and running the football and I feel like that is my strength playing the quarterback position."

One of the other football related activities that Wade got to do today was go to practice. Wade got to see the quarterback position coach work with his players and saw an offense that reminded him of another college offense.

"I got a chance to watch practice today. It wasn't a full pads practice, they were just in their helmets, but I saw how Coach Beck coaches on the field. Nebraska has a fast tempo team that really tries and catch defenses off-guard. Reminded me a lot of Oregon."

One of the big concerns for Wade coming from Delaware to Nebraska was if he might get homesick. He felt like he needed to really fit in well and he wouldn't think about the distance between himself and home.

"I felt very comfortable while I was here. It is definitely a faster pace where I am from, around Philadelphia, but I really like it here. I didn't feel out of place at all while I was here."

There were some high expectations for Wade when it came to the Nebraska visit. The Huskers didn't disappoint. Wade gave the visit a perfect rating.

"I really feel like the visit was a "10". They had me meet with every person that impacts a player one and off the field. I got a chance to speak with the nutritionist, strength and conditioning staff, Tom Osborne and Coach Bo Pelini. I also go a chance to speak with some of the professors in the engineering department."

It was really a two-team race for Wade before he took the trip to Lincoln. After the trip to Nebraska he says that there is one team that has the edge over the other and he says that he's within about 4 months of making a decision.

"Before I took the trip it was really between Boston College and Nebraska. With this visit Nebraska has the edge. The visit was so in-depth. I plan on making an early decision, depends on how I feel, but the latest should be by June."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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