Hines calls Nebraska co-leader

If you couldn't make it for the spring game next weekend to Nebraska then coming in this weekend wasn't bad either. If you got there on Friday you saw a practice and if you stuck around until Saturday you saw a scrimmage just like Bo Hines did. What were his thoughts about his visit?

Charlotte (N.C.) Christian wide receiver, Bo Hines, has been in Lincoln since yesterday morning on an unofficial visit to see Nebraska. He caught up with BigRedReport.com as he was just leaving campus today.

"We got a chance to start our visit yesterday," Bo Hines said. "We got up here about 10:00 in the morning and were here all day basically.

"We did it all. We met with the academic advisors, the nutritionists, saw all of the facilities, met with the coaches and sat in on the meetings. We watched practice yesterday and their scrimmage today."

Hines says that reputation of Nebraska's facilities was something that he knew about and he looked forward at seeing. However, he said that it's really necessary to see them in person to understand how great they are.

"I knew that their facilities were excellent, but you really can't grasp how great they are without seeing them in person. Everything is so close together, it's all A to B, and it's very convenient."

Nebraska is still trying to shed the stereotype that they are just a running team and sometimes wide receiver recruits will just block. Hines said that all of the different sets Nebraska ran caught him off-guard as well as how many wide receivers are on the field at a single time.

"I didn't realize how many different sets they ran and how many wide receivers they use on any particular play. You talk about Nebraska and you think about a running team, but they use their wide receivers a lot.

"I think that Nebraska would be a good fit for me if I decided to go there. I like how Coach Bo Pelini runs things. They have a lot of high character players too and I like that about their team."

The trip went incredibly well for Hines and his family. Coming into the visit this weekend North Carolina State had an edge on everyone else when it came to Hines' list. He says that there are two teams on top of his list now.

"I think that it was an excellent visit. They do everything at such a high level here at Nebraska and I really like that. I would say that Nebraska is now tied with North Carolina State as my top two teams."

There aren't a lot of visit plans left for Hines at the moment. He would like to see a practice at N.C. State, go through spring practices and then see if any other schools offer. He's planning on deciding in the next couple of months.

"I really just need to go through the spring now. I want to go and see a practice at North Carolina State because I haven't been to one yet. I also want to see what other offers come in and I will probably make a decision by the end of May."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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