Sorrell visits U-M again, will an offer come?

Middletown (Ohio) High 2014 tight end Chance Sorrell was on Michigan's campus recently to checkout spring practice. GBW caught up with the rising Sorrell, as he talked about his campus visit, his interaction with coach Ferrigno, his top schools, his decision timeline, and more.

Middletown (Ohio) High 2014 tight end Chance Sorrell was on Michigan's campus recently to check out spring practice—and came away impressed.

"It was very fast paced but it was laid back too," Sorrell said. "Some of the players would coach other players and tell what they did wrong and that kind of deal. That was really neat. The coaches were enthusiastic and encouraging. If they got on a guy about messing up, they were quick to go back and ask them what they did wrong. That's what I really like, and it definitely would be a good culture fit for me.

"I could definitely see myself being coached by any coach on that coaching staff."

One player that stuck out to Sorrell during practice was sophomore tight end A.J. Williams. "A.J. Williams stuck out to me a lot," Sorrell said. "It might have been just because he went to Sycamore (high school in Ohio), and I played against them a couple times. But he was definitely the Y-type of tight end, which is what I would be if I went there. He is a big physical set the edge type of guy. But can still go out for some short routes and catch the ball well. I really like that they had a couple schemes where they had two or three tight ends at the same time. The Y-tight end was in a lot and that was nice to see a lot of their schemes went with the Y-tight end."

Michigan has focused on recruiting athletic tight ends the past couple recruiting classes. With those type of players coming to Ann Arbor, Sorrell says U-M could help him prepare to compete with the best.

"I know at Michigan if I went there or if really any tight end went there, they're definitely preparing you to play against the best—which is the Big Ten," Sorrell said. "You play against great teams, great defenses and they're preparing you if you want to go to the next level. If you are playing college ball, then everybody wants to go to the next level. I think they would prepare you very well and make that gap a lot smaller going into the NFL."

During Sorrell's visit, he was able to check out practice, position meetings and talked with tight end coach Dan Ferrigno.

"He said that he really liked me," Sorrell said on his talk with Ferrigno. "He saw me in camp. I broke my ankle in the first play of my fifth game this season. So I don't have a lot of film. I talked with him about that. He said that's one of the reasons why they haven't offered. Plus, at my high school we run the triple option. So there is hardly ever passing. I don't even run tight end in our offense. I play wide receiver. He said they are very intrigued and very interested. They would like to get me back up for another spring practice. I don't know where it would go from here. I know they have offered seven other tight ends. So it may just come down to see where those guys go and then maybe I'll get my shot."

While Michigan has yet to offer Sorrell, he said an offer would go a long way.

"Yeah, I would love to get an offer from them," Sorrell said. "But they are definitely in my top couple schools. They were my favorite for a while. But then they kind of fell off recruiting me after I got hurt, that hurt a little bit. After my visit, they're right back up there. I really enjoyed all that I saw. They are definitely one of the top schools for me."

Currently, he has offers from Indiana, Bowling Green, Kent State and Ohio. He also took visits to Purdue on Monday, Michigan on Tuesday, Nebraska on Wednesday and Ohio State on Thursday. Aftter the visits and four offers on the table, is the there a clear cut favorite?

"I really don't have a set favorite," Sorrell said. "Florida State is really, really high up there. Indiana, of course, they already offered. I really like everything about Indiana. I had a really good time at Nebraska. I went up to their spring practice a couple days ago. They're one of the top schools. And Michigan is definitely one of my top schools--and maybe Tennessee."

When it comes to choosing his college destination, Sorrell said he looking at a school where he is wanted.

"I really want to go to a place that I'm celebrated and not tolerated," Sorrell said. "That they really want me there. I'm not a guy they offered and brought in and I'm not second tier. I really would like to go to a winning program that has tradition, prestige, scheme fit and probably one the biggest things is culture fit. I definitely want to focus on having a good relationship with the coaches."

As far as a decision timeline, Sorrell said he would like to make one by mid-summer.

"I would really like to be committed somewhere by the end of June," Sorrell said. "Just because I know by that time I would have gone to all camps I would need to go to, cause they really don't run into July. By that pint if a school hasn't offered, they probably aren't going to offer. They probably have the commits that they need. So I definitely would like to be committed by late June."

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