Wade Recaps Syracuse Visit

With one quarterback already in the fold, Syracuse might not be done looking for signal callers in their 2014 class. They hosted Middletown (DE) QB Darius Wade over the weekend, and he recapped his visit with CuseNation.com inside.

2014 Middletown (DE) quarterback Darius Wade has been on Syracuse's radar for sometime. He was able to take a trip to visit the campus for the first time over this past weekend.

"When I got there, I had a chance to sit down and watch their practice," Wade recalled. "They had their first scrimmage, so I got to see some intense football and some hitting going on. After practice I got to go inside. Coach (Eric) White gave me a tour of all the facilities. I got to see everything. I definitely liked it and enjoyed everything I saw.

"Then after that I got to sit down with the coaches. I talked to Coach (Scott) Shafer and Coach (Tim) Lester and the offensive coordinator (George McDonald). We talked about football and really just trying to figure out where things are going with them since they're a new coaching staff. So I kind of got a sense of their philosophy and everything. Overall, it was a good trip."

One of the most important parts of the trip for Wade was getting to know the coaches a little better. He said the feedback he received was very valuable, and makes him feel like the Orange are very interested.

"They said I'm at the top of their board," Wade explained. "What they really like about is that I have a great release and throw a really good ball. The biggest thing is that I showed that I'm a pocket passer that can run and has athletic ability. That's the biggest thing.

"Also because a lot of times I sit in the pocket but if it does break down I can roll out and throw on the run and make plays with my feet. The fact that I'm a good quarterback that can run, that's pretty much what they're looking for at the quarterback position."

Seeing practice and touring the facilities as well as the University as a whole gave Wade a pretty good impression of what life at Syracuse would be like. He was very impressed by what he saw, especially at practice.

"I took away that they're a great program and a great university," Wade admitted. "The practice was crisp and well organized. They were getting in and getting out. It showed that only six practices in, that they all pretty much had the general concept of what they were trying to do. They actually were very smooth during the scrimmage. I think I only saw one offsides penalty and that was it. They were all disciplined and weren't really making mistakes.

"The facilities, they were great. I definitely liked seeing that. They had a nice weight room. Getting around and seeing everything, they had a nice locker room. Seeing all of the things the football team has access to. It was definitely very good to see."

Despite the interest from the coaching staff, Wade left without an offer. However, he did receive some clarity on the situation which made him feel better about not having an official offer from the Orange.

"Coach Lester explained it to me," Wade outlined. "They were offering me but they took it back because the day they were going to offer me they also offered A.J. Long. When they did that, the very next day, A.J. Long said he was committing. They were kind of shell-shocked because they were expecting after he got the offer that he was going to go visit the schools, take your time, weigh your other offers and go through the process.

"But he didn't do that. As soon as he took the Syracuse offer, he jumped on it so quick, they had to make sure the other kids didn't do that. So now they're kind of pulling back a little bit. They want to, now, make sure the other quarterbacks they're interested in they're going to take their time and get to really know the players before they determine if the offer is really valid. That way if I say I want to commit, then we know the offer is legit and they're ready for me to commit. So right now with all of the quarterbacks, they're pulling back to make sure as a quarterback and a student they're capable of playing at Syracuse."

The 6-foot-2 quarterback enjoyed his first visit to Syracuse. He says the trip only enhanced his level of interest in the program.

"It definitely heightens it," Wade declared. "The fact that I didn't have a chance to see them before this and having the opportunity to get out there and get an understanding of their philosophy and where they stand with things. The fact that they said whoever comes in for 2014, they got one but they're ideally looking to get two.

"They said whoever those guys are that come in will be in an open competition. The starter, or the potential starter that could be coming from Oklahoma, they said whichever one starts is a senior so they'll be gone. So it's an open competition and the better man gets it."

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