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Last week was an active week for the Nebraska staff to bring in a number of visitors. One visitor that went a little bit under the radar is this quarterback that Nebraska will be back up to evaluate later this month.

Nebraska was bringing in a number of unofficial visitors last week including this quarterback from Ithaca (Mich.). Travis Smith, a 6-foot-2 and 190-pound signal caller, has been to see a number of schools in the past six months or so.

"This spring I have just been taking visits to schools and doing seven on seven," Smith said. "I have taken trips to Indiana in March and went to Nebraska last week. In the winter I went to Michigan State, Michigan, Central Michigan, Bowling Green, Ball State and Toledo."

Beyond the visits that Smith has already taken he says that there is one other school that he is making plans to see. This other visit will require a little more travel, but it's something that he's willing to do.

"Right now I don't know exactly which day I am going to go, but Duke wants me to come to a spring practice or to their spring game. I want to go down there and see their campus. I heard it's really nice."

Smith is definitely staying busy between working out in the weight room as well as getting out and working with his team mates. He will also workout with the track team, but isn't planning on running in any meets this spring.

"I am going to practice with the track team, but I am not going to run at any meets. In seven and seven we run a lot of our plays, I have put some in too and we just go out there and do the playbook."

Smith says that his style is definitely a throw first/run second type of style. In fact, he would technically call himself a pocket passer that has the ability to stretch a play because of his feet.

"I would say that I am pocket passer, but I have the ability to run. I would say that I am in the 4.65/40 range so I can hurt people with my feet. Really I am a pocket passer that has the ability to keep the play alive because of my feet."

There are three offers on the table for Smith currently and he says that when it comes to his decision he is looking at the offense first. He wants to find an offense that does some spread, some pro-style, but also plays with a fast-paced tempo.

"I have offers from Central Michigan, Western Michigan and Old Dominion. One of the main things for me when it comes to picking out a school is the style of offense. We run the spread at my high school and I like it, but I like the pro-style as well. I also want to be in a fast-paced offense."

Interest from Nebraska came after Smith and his team's playoff run last year that ended in the championship game. He says that he and the offensive coordinator at Nebraska have been building a relationship ever since and he got a chance to finally visit last week.

"Right after our state championship game Coach Tim Beck started messaging me on Facebook. So I started messaging him a lot and calling him every couple of weeks building a relationship with him. He has wanted me to come and check out Nebraska for quite some time now.

"I got there last week for a visit and I got a tour of the facilities, which are probably the best facilities I have ever seen they are amazing, and I saw a practice. I got to see how their offensive operates and sat in on a quarterback meeting."

The question that Smith has right now about Nebraska is how close are they to offering? He says that Nebraska let him know that they will be up to see him later this month and that he would also consider coming to a summer camp if it meant picking up an offer from the Huskers.

"I am not really sure how close they are to offering me. I know that they just said that they want to see me throw in person before they possibly offer. They are coming in April, between the 15th and the 22nd, to see me. Hopefully they like what they see and I get an offer."

There were a lot of similarities that Smith said he saw when he watched Nebraska's practice last week with the offense he runs at Ithaca. He thinks that he would be a good fit for the Nebraska offense and that he could pick it up very quickly.

"Their offense is a lot like my high school's offense so I think that I would be able to learn that quick. I know that they like the idea of a mobile quarterback, and I can run, and they throw the ball quite a bit and I think I can do that. I think that I fit very well."

Smith has been selected to the all-state team two times and is a three-time state champion with Ithaca. Smith has 3,278 passing yards with 23 touchdowns and three interceptions. Smith had a 69.2 completion percentage. He added another 969 yards rushing for 25 more touchdowns. He scored a total of 50 total touchdowns and also had five interceptions at his free safety position.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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