Hirschfeld checks out Lincoln again

Billy Hirschfeld from Hartland (Wisc.) Arrow was clearly one of the headlining recruits in Lincoln this weekend. This was a return visit to Lincoln so what were his thoughts the second time around?

Billy Hirschfeld was in Lincoln for the second time. The standout defensive end from Hartland (Wisc.) Arrow got to the stadium early enough to grab lunch and sit down with most of the offensive staff.

"We got there about noon today," Hirschfeld said. "They took us to the cafeteria where all of the players eat and we had lunch. I got a chance to speak with Coach Bo Pelini, Coach Tim Beck, Coach John Garrison and Coach Barney Cotton. I also got a chance to talk to A.J. Natter."

Natter and Hirschfeld actually met in Lincoln although they are both from Wisconsin. They were in town at the same time last year for a game. Hirschfeld said that he actually knows Natter also through a mutual coach.

"I was actually introduced to A.J. while I was in Lincoln. It was last year for the Wisconsin game and we met each other. I also know about him from one of my coaches that worked with him. We don't necessarily stay in touch a lot when we aren't in the same place."

The game environment that Hirschfeld saw last year for the Wisconsin game was amazing. However, 60,000 fans showing up today to see what is really a glorified practice really drove home the loyalty of Nebraska's fan base.

"They fan base in Lincoln is really loyal. The university is their pro team. Those 60,000 fans there today really show how much they care about their school and their team."

There probably wasn't a lot to take home today from the game, but Hirschfeld saw what he wanted. He was keying on the play of the defensive line watching closely on how they were coming off the ball and watching their hands.

"I was watching the entire defensive line today. I was watching how fast they all got off of the ball and got that initial punch. After watching that today I think that I would fit in well at Nebraska."

As for right now Hirschfeld isn't sure where he will be taking anymore trips, but he is sure that they will go on some more. He wants to give a couple of other schools a chance that have been recruiting him to get to know them a little better and see what they have to offer.

"We are going to talk about that. I have to give other schools a chance to get to know me better and for me to get to know more about them. We don't really have any plans though after Nebraska to go anywhere right now."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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