McGrew checks out Nebraska spring game

Nebraska hosted a few return visitors this weekend for their spring game. One of those visitors back for another dose of Lincoln was Henry McGrew from Stilwell (Kans.) Blue Valley.

Stilwell (Kans.) Blue Valley High School linebacker, Henry McGrew, made it to junior day at Nebraska in January. He was back in Lincoln this past weekend for the spring game and was really there just to check out a game.

"It was a great visit," McGrew said. "We got up there around lunchtime. My junior day experience at Nebraska was very straight-forward and thorough that there really wasn't anything I needed to see. I was just excited to see the game."

For what was basically a practice there was nearly a packed stadium full of Nebraska fans there to see it. McGrew got a great idea of what it might be like on a game day in the fall in Lincoln.

"I thought it was very cool. I really enjoyed my visit there. The game day atmosphere was great. All of the fans that were there are so dedicated. There were 60,000 fans there just for a spring game."

While McGrew was in the stands he was of course watching the linebacker positions very closely. After watching the game McGrew thinks that the physical style of play that he has would be a good fit in Lincoln.

"I think that it's a pretty good fit between what I do and what Nebraska does. You have to be physical to play linebacker at Nebraska and in the Big Ten. I thought that the whole team plays hard and with a lot of energy."

McGrew will be back on the road this week going to check out a school that just offered him. He would also like to make plans to see the other school he is holding an offer from. After that he is planning on hitting another spring game.

"Next Friday I am going to Illinois after I got an offer from them earlier this week. I will probably go to Idaho and I have an offer from them too. I am going to go up to the spring game at Kansas State too."

McGrew is a big, physical linebacker at 6-foot-3 and just shy of 230-pounds. He's a guy that could play MIKE or could grow into a defensive end too possibly. He would like to pick up an offer from Nebraska and will likely be back this summer for camp to try.

"Yesterday when I spoke to the coaches we didn't talk about where they were with me when it came to offering. At junior day they did say that they'd love to have me come for camp and I would like to show them what I can do."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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