Eugene enjoys Nebraska visit

Dwayne Eugene has seen Lincoln and he knows what he wants. Now it's just a matter of him going out and getting it. Eugene is working hard to try and get a Nebraska offer after seeing Lincoln this past weekend for their spring game.

Cethan Carter was a big pickup last year for Nebraska out of Metairie (La.) Archbishop Rummel. Nebraska is recruiting one of team mates in this year's class, Dwayne Eugene. Eugene was in Lincoln, with Carter, this past weekend for Nebraska's spring game.

"I just got done working out," Eugene said. "We work out at the school after school and when I get done with that I go out with my dad. I do a double workout."

Carter and Eugene flew up part of the way and then drove in to Lincoln. They got to Lincoln early enough in the day to knock out a tour and see the facilities that Nebraska has to offer.

"We got there Friday. We flew into Kansas City and made the short drive from there to Lincoln. We got there around noon or so. I am not sure. My parents and I went on a tour around the school.

"It was real nice. They have really nice facilities. I really liked their academic program and how their tutoring is set up. I liked all of the technology that they had.

"After that we got a chance to go out on the field, see the stadium, see the weight room, the locker room, the practice field and some other things. That was all we did until the spring game on Saturday."

Eugene was back up at the stadium early on Saturday, took another tour then had lunch and headed down to the field. Eugene had never seen the tunnel walk in Lincoln before and said that it was cool to get a chance to come out before the players.

"We got there early in the morning on Saturday. We ate lunch after a short tour and then went out of the field for the spring game.

"The tunnel walk was really cool. It's set up like a red carpet out from the locker room. It felt real cool to do that before the players."

Eugene was really focused on the defensive secondary during the game. He saw a lot of cover two looks. He also saw that Nebraska wants to be physical in the secondary and attack. He thinks that fits his style of football.

"I noticed that they play a lot of two safety defense. They play real physical too in the secondary. I thought that type of defense really fit my style of play."

Eugene and Nebraska signee Cethan Carter are close. Eugene heard about some things to look for on his trip this weekend from Carter.

"Cethan is like a big brother to me. I got a sneak peak and got to know some things about Nebraska that he knew from when he was up there on his visit.

"He told me that it was really nice at Nebraska. That it was a really good school and that I would like it up there."

There was not a talk about where Eugene is at when it comes to getting an offer. Eugene says that he is going to work hard for it because if he had his choice he would want to end up a team mate of Carter's again.

"I just need to get an offer. I did get some one on one time with Coach Terry Joseph, but we never discussed an offer. If I got that offer that would be a tough one to turn down."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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