Bailey to walk-on at Nebraska

The walk-on program is well known. Christian Bailey from San Clemente (Calif.) was considering walking on at Nebraska or at Oregon State. This weekend he was in Lincoln and saw the spring game and it sealed the deal for the Huskers.

Nebraska didn't pick up any 2014 commitments this past weekend for their annual red-white spring game, but they did get another walk-on for 2013. Christian Bailey from San Clemente (Calif.) enjoyed his visit to Lincoln this past weekend.

"I went to Nebraska for their spring game," Bailey said. "It was incredible. The whole experience was an incredible one. We got to see everything going through the football and the academic side of things at Nebraska.

" We toured the facilities, met the coaches and met most of the players. I had a great time. I decided after the visit that I was going to walk-on at Nebraska."

Nebraska had an ace in the hole. Bailey is good friends with future Husker Johnny Stanton. Stanton and Bailey actually went to middle school together, but ended up going to different high schools. They stayed in touch and since their high school careers have ended they have picked up where they left off four years ago.

"We played basketball and football together from sixth to eighth grade. When we went to different high schools we kind of connected during the off-season. In-season was always tough to stay tight with sports and schools.

"We always remained friends and this off-season especially he had been hammering Nebraska with me. We have been working out in the off-season and we are back to where we were chemistry-wise. He kind of opened the door for me out there at Nebraska."

Stanton set the table for Bailey and his visit to Nebraska. Bailey was most interested in the amount of support that the area gives to the team, even for a spring game, and after seeing it he says he's never seen anything like it.

"He told me mostly about the community how everyone supports the football team. The whole town is out there on game day, everything shuts down for the game and all of the support. That was what I was looking forward to the most. Nebraska football is really like no other I have ever seen."

Nebraska's offensive coordinator, Tim Beck, spoke after the spring game about needing six to eight wide receivers for the season. Between the deep rotation and the multiple wide receiver formations that just spells opportunity to Bailey.

"I looked at the offense as more opportunity to play. I spoke to Coach Tim Beck and Coach Rich Fisher about it and going over the offense they said that I was going to have my opportunities there. You learn all of the wide receiver spots and all of those opportunities will be there for you.

"Those formations where there are multiple wide receivers on the field at one time provide a lot of opportunity for people to get in. And you can do that early on and that was really what I was looking for in a school."

A reason why Bailey might have an advantage over some other players is his ability to go inside or outside. He is definitely a fan of catching the ball in space and getting one on one with a defender trying to make a big play.

"I can play inside or outside. I can run well and I have never had a problem catching the ball. I like to get out in space, catch the ball and make moves one on one against the cornerback."

Bailey said that there were scholarship opportunities, but he wanted to go DI. It really came down to two schools. Nebraska was actually trailing the competition going into the spring game, but made up all of the ground they needed to get Bailey to choose the Huskers.

"A lot of I-AA schools jumped into the mix for me, but I knew that I wanted to go DI one way or another. I built a relationship with Oregon State through a player in my class, Sean Harlow, who signed with them.

"I was leaning towards going to Oregon State after I went up there for a visit. When we started getting this Nebraska visit down and took it I was just sold on Nebraska."

Bailey finished his senior season with 45 receptions for 703 yards and six scores. He added 46 carries for 371 yards and another six scores. Bailey also fielded three punts for 83 yards and a score and also had 65 tackles and four sacks on defense. He finished with first team all-league and all-county honors. Bailey was also all-state honorable mention.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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