Nelson focusing on one sport

The news that Matt Nelson from Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Xavier is focusing on one sport will likely boost his recruiting. There are already seven offers on the table, but with the evaluation period starting up that list will definitely grow.

Matt  Nelson is a name that is going to pick up some steam. The once, two sport standout for Cedar Rapids (Iowa) Xavier is 6-foot-8 and 240-pounds says that he's going to focus on one sport going forward.

"I have basketball offers for Northern Colorado and South Dakota State," Nelson said. "Northern Colorado said that I could play football too. I am only going to play football in college.

"I am happy with just playing football in college and not doing basketball. I made the decision over spring break two to three weeks ago to just play football when I had some time to think."

Nelson did play basketball this past winter and right now he's just getting ready for football this fall. He also has a couple of trips for recruiting coming up.

"I played basketball in the winter. I am just lifting and working out. I am not doing track or anything.

"I am doing some recruiting visits this spring. I am going to Notre Dame on the 17th and then to Iowa on the 18th."

Nelson says that he's working hard this off-season to become a more physical player this fall. He's working on his speed and his strength overall.

"I am working on my speed and my agility mostly this off-season. Really, just being more physical and getting stronger too overall."

The common theme for Nelson when it comes to college coaches is that he's a big kid with skill. Nelson can move well for a guy his size regardless of position.

"I think that my strengths are that I have size and that I have good tight end skills. I get referred to all the time as a big kid with skills.

"I don't know where people see me the most like the tight end next to a tackle or a tight end that's split out or some schools like me as a defensive end too."

There isn't a preference with Nelson which side of the ball he has to play in college. He says that he likes both and just wants to get on the field.

"I really don't care which side of the ball as long as I get to play. I enjoy both tight end and defensive end thoroughly. I will play whichever gets me on the field."

There are seven offers on the table for Nelson currently. Expect that list to increase based on the news that he is going to focus on football instead of basketball. "I have offers from Iowa, Iowa State, Stanford, Yale, Nebraska, Arkansas and San Diego State."

Besides trips to Notre Dame and Stanford there are some additional plans for Nelson. He would like to head to Stanford and he knows that he will go to camp at Nebraska after missing their spring game recently.

"I want to go out to Stanford for camp and see all of that stuff. I will probably get back out to Iowa and Iowa State as well as Notre Dame.

"I got the offer from Nebraska on Good Friday. I was invited for their spring game, but couldn't make it. I am going to go to Nebraska this summer for camp."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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