Nebraska checks out Lee's Summit West

Nebraska is out on the road with the start of the evaluation period. A school in the 500-mile radius that the players from the high school knew the Nebraska coaches were coming, but didn't know when. Coach John Garrison from Nebraska was there today.

Kevin Pendleton got a hold of to tell them that the Nebraska staff stopped by Lee's Summit (Mo.) West today. Pendleton, along with Monte Harrison and Jack Richards all visited Nebraska for their spring game and Logan Cheadle was in Lincoln for junior day earlier this year.

"Coach John Garrison from Nebraska was here to see us today," Kevin Pendleton said. "He just wanted to check up on us really. He wanted to thank all of us for coming up for their spring game.

"Coach Garrison said that recruiting is a process and that the Nebraska coaches want to enjoy it along with the players that they are recruiting. They don't want to bring any pressure on anyone."

The Nebraska coach was in town on a good day. The only player from West that has a Nebraska offer had a baseball game. Garrison said that another coach from Nebraska would be returning with him to check out Pendleton at a track meet.

"I am pretty sure that Coach Garrison got a chance to see Monte compete today. I think that he was going to his baseball game. Coach Garrison said that Coach Barney Cotton was coming down later and they were going to see one of my track meets."

Pendleton picked up another offer this past weekend. He was out in Memphis for a camp and got a chance to meet with the coach.

"I got an offer from Memphis on Saturday. I was out there for the Nike camp this weekend. I met with the coach from Memphis and he said that I have an offer. He told me that I was the kind of guy they needed to get to build the program and that they would be recruiting me hard. That was great to hear."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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