London picks up offer from Huskers

Nebraska has thrown down an offer to this running back earlier this week. What are his thoughts about the offer and could Nebraska be a good fit?

Mardre London from Fort Lauderdale (Flor.) St. Thomas Aquinas is picking up some steam in the first week of the evaluation period. The 6-foot-1 and 200-pound London picked up an offer this week after exchanging emails with an offensive coordinator at the school.

"I got an offer from Nebraska earlier this week," London said. "They had been sending me a lot of mail during the season and they emailed me two or three weeks ago to tell me about Nebraska.

"I was curious if they were going to offer so I asked about it and the coach emailed me back and told me to call him. He told me that he had good news and that they were offering. I spoke to him for about 30 minutes or so."

The Nebraska offer stands out to London. He likes the fact that Nebraska has a strong running game and has an offense that features the running back. He also likes the education that Nebraska could provide.

"It's a real good offer. They have a strong running game background and they have a lot of wins as a program. They can offer a good education and are in a good conference. They develop good running backs. It's probably a good fit for me."

London is a big running back that says as the game goes on he gets stronger. London says that he's not only a runner that will run you over, but can run around you or make you miss. He also believes that he's a leader on the field.

"I would describe myself as a fourth quarter guy that needs the ball in my hands. I can make big plays and I get stronger as the game goes. I am quick. I am fast. I can run people over, but I can make people miss. I am a leader on the football field too."

There were actually two new offers this week bringing London's total almost to double-digits. "Nebraska and Arkansas State make nine total offers. I think that it's real close to double-digits. That's one of my main goals to get to 10 offers."

Nebraska might be a team that could jump onto the leader board because of what London is looking for. London wants to go to a school where they run the ball a lot and distance from home isn't a big factor in his decision.

"I am looking for a team that runs the football a lot. The most important thing to me though is the academics. I am not really worried about the conference or staying close to home. I will also look to see if I can play right away."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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