Still leading?

After a visit to Wisconsin, where do the Huskers stand at the moment with this tight end?

Somerset High's Gaelin Elmore is part of Wisconsin's in-state "Super Six," and one of two in that group to remain uncommitted. He attended the Badger spring game today along with the rest of that group.

"Liked it a lot. It was my second visit, but all the renovations like the weight room were done so that was great to see. It was really good."

The committed members of the Super Six and the coaches made their move with the 6'5, 230-pound junior but none "Badgered" him too much about it.

"None tried to get me to commit, but people still gave their pitches as to why I would want to go there. No pressure though."

After watching the game, Elmore says he was impressed with the team and also how the used his position.

"They are going to be better than last year. They have a legitimate quarterback and defense, two things they needed last year. Their tight ends are going to do big things for them this year whether it's in the run or pass game. They use tight ends as much as you possibly can."

Nebraska, who has also offered Elmore, is the main competition right now. So where did today's visit put the Badgers?

"Second behind Nebraska," he said.

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