Nebraska first to offer Hall

Grand Prairie (Texas) South defensive back Jason Hall has pulled in his first offer. The tall, physical defensive back could see playing any spot in the defensive secondary in college.

Jason Hall is a good sized defensive back for Grand Prairie (Texas) South at 6-foot-3 and 193-pounds. Hall and his team mates hit the field for spring practices last week, but paused temporarily for testing.

"We already started spring practices," Hall said, "but, we had to stop for testing. We will be starting it back up again this week.

"I know that these are the spring practices of my senior year and I am looking forward to giving it my all. I also want to see our team get to the playoffs and go as far as we can."

The off-season has been important for Hall. He feels that at any time he may be called upon to go out on the field and have to perform. He knows that it could be a college coach that wants him to go out there and work out too.

"I have really been working on my skill set and my footwork. I want to keep that up because you don't know when you are going to have to perform at a camp or a coach shows up to see you."

Hall has spoken with a couple of schools on the phone during the evaluation period and knows of some other schools that have been by to see him as well. Hall also got his first offer last week.

"I have spoken with Ole Miss and Nebraska on the phone, Nebraska offered me last week, and I know that in the first week of the evaluation period Texas was here and so was Baylor. This past week Oklahoma was here and saw me in seven on seven."

The Huskers were the first to offer Hall and that is a big offer for Hall. Hall says that the Nebraska offer was big because the Huskers typically produce a lot of defensive backs that go to the next level.

"Nebraska was my first offer and I was ecstatic when they offered. As a defensive back it's an important offer to pick up because Nebraska is known to produce defensive backs that go to the pros. That is a big plus for them for me."

The question after getting the first offer is who is the next one to offer? Hall says that there are three schools that are emerging as possible programs that could be ready to offer.

"It could be Ole Miss, Oklahoma or Oklahoma State. I know that they are all coming to see me this week already. I know that there are some others coming this week too."

The schools that are coming by to see Hall are seeing a versatile player with size and cover skills to play any spot in the secondary. Hall also can't think of any weaknesses he has in his game right now.

"I am really an all-around cover guy from playing cornerback to playing safety to playing the dime or nickel spot. I don't really have a weakness. I could play every spot in the second and I have good size to go along with my cover skills."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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