Tell up to five offers

Nebraska has been hitting the high schools hard during the evaluation period. The Nebraska staff has been as interested in offering 2015 prospects as they have been 2014 recruits. This 2015 recruit got a Nebraska offer last week.

Marvell Tell and his Encino (Calif.) Crespi Carmelite teammates have their spring football plans on hold right now. A recent coaching change at his school is delaying his team from taking the field until the rest of the new head coach's coaching staff is sorted out.

"We haven't started spring practices yet," Tell said. "And our coach hasn't told us when we will start either. He's new to our school, just came a few weeks ago, so once he has his coaching staff together we will take the field."

Tell is a 2015 recruit that is working hard trying to become the best possible player he can be. Tell is putting in time in the weight room and the film room getting ready for his junior year.

"Next year I want to be better at my ball skills, making more plays on the ball, making some bigger hits and also playing a little quicker. I want to be better at reading the play and knowing where it's going to be."

At 6-foot-2 and 175-pounds Tell has good size for a safety. He's physical, had 52 tackles as a sophomore, and admits that the big hit from his safety spot is more exciting to him than an interception.

"I think that I am a physical safety. I just like making big hits. I would take a big hit over a pick any day I think. Picks are something that I definitely need to work on."

It's not really a strong and free safety situation at Crespi, but Tell will line up as a corner too. Schools haven't told Tell where they see him specifically in the secondary and he said that he would play either corner or safety in college depending on the team's needs.

"We play left and right safety, so no strong and no free, and I also play some corner every now and then. Schools aren't telling me corner or safety really. They just see me in the secondary. I don't have a preference where I play."

Tell has been on a little bit of a roll. He's picked up some big offers over the past week or so. "I got a Nebraska offer last week to go along with Cal and UCLA," Tell said. "I got a Washington State offer after that and I got a Miami offer today."

Tell is only going to be a junior so he's not getting caught up in recruiting quite yet. He just says that the offers give him continual incentive to keep working and keep getting better.

"The offers just fire me up. It makes me want to work harder; in the weight room, on the field and in the classroom. I just want to keep working hard."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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