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Nebraska has had recruiting success in the state of Ohio under head coach Bo Pelini. The Huskers were back in the state of Ohio last week when this offensive lineman picked up an offer from Nebraska.

Michael Deiter and his Genoa (Ohio) teammates have been working hard after school getting ready for the fall. Deiter says that when the team has been working out after school has been the busiest time for college coaches to stop by his school.

"It's going real good," Deiter said. "We don't have spring practices. We have team lifting after school and that's usually when the college coaches have been coming by the school."

The 6-foot-5 and 295-pound Deiter is a left tackle for Genoa, but has heard from some schools that they like him more inside. Deiter doesn't have a preference when it comes to the position he will play in college. He just wants to play.

"I definitely wanted to get stronger all over, not just in one area. I guess that I also wanted to improve in my hand placement too. I have played left tackle and some schools like me at tackle and others like guard. I don't have a preference. I just want to play."

Deiter obviously has good size for a lineman, but he also has the heart that you need to really be a success at the next level. Deiter credits his experience playing another sport when it comes to his abilities on the football field.

"I work hard. I don't take any plays off. I have good size. I played hockey up until my freshman year and I had to make a choice. I chose football, but I think that my hockey background has helped my quickness and footwork."

Deiter has been on the move this spring seeing most of the five schools that have extended him an offer. He will likely see another school this weekend who has offered and says that he would like to get out to see that fifth school who has offered.

"I have been to Ohio State, Michigan State, Wisconsin, Bowling Green and Toledo," Deiter said. "I want to go and see Nebraska and I might be going to Illinois this weekend and I will also probably go and visit Virginia Tech."

The last word on Deiter was that he was close to committing. He still is, but the timeline has changed from the end of this month to the end of next month. Deiter says that one team is standing out at this time. He says that he's still open to all teams though.

"I want to commit by the end of June, hopefully. I just don't want it to drag out. I am very open. Wisconsin is high on my list and because I would like to commit soon some people think that means I am going to Wisconsin. No question I like Wisconsin, but I am still considering all options."

Deiter says that the offer from Nebraska was exciting for him. The Huskers offered last week and were back at his high school again today. The Nebraska staff has been talking to Deiter about taking a visit to Lincoln.

"I got the offer from Nebraska late last week. I was definitely excited about the offer, but I think that my head coach was more excited. He's been really helping me with recruiting and he's a hardcore Nebraska fan.

"Coach John Garrison is the Nebraska offensive line coach and he was here to see me today at the school. Last week, when I got my offer, Coach Rick Kaczenski was here to see me. Nebraska really wants me to come out and visit."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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