Ledwik up to double-digit offers

Zach Ledwik has shot from having one offer to a budding superstar in Central Texas. The standout lineman from La Grange (Texas) has a double-digit offer total and is set to take some trips this summer.

Zach Ledwik is a 6-foot-5 and 270-pound offensive lineman from La Grange (Texas) who is really making a name for himself. Ledwik is shooting from being a virtual unknown to a hot commodity in the Lone Star State.

"I have had a real good spring," Ledwik said. "I play 3A so it's no pads and that limits the contact. We still do drills though and I have been lifting a lot and working out."

Ledwik left the field his junior year with a purpose to improve. It wasn't one or two things though that he really wanted to get better at initially. He said that his focus was to improve at everything.

"Is it too broad to say everything? I really wanted to work on my footwork and my hand placement in the off season. There were some games that I watched myself play weak in one area, sharpen it up during practice and then lose another area. I want to be perfect at everything."

In the spread offense that La Grange runs Ledwik doesn't have a lot of opportunities to run block. That likely lends itself to him feeling better about his pass pro ability.

"I really like pass protection," Ledwik said. "I am just better at it. We run a spread and do a lot of speed zones and just pass sets."

Ledwik says that he's at a dozen offers and he doesn't mean to sound like he's not thankful for every offer, but the list is getting long enough that it's hard to remember. He is picking up offers from all over the country.

"I think that it's 12 right now. It's getting to that point that I can't remember them all. I know Nebraska, Oregon State, Baylor, Rice, Houston, Missouri, UCF, Texas-San Antonio, Oklahoma State, Texas Tech, Arizona State and Tulsa."

There is something that is catching Ledwik's eye when it comes to the differences in all the colleges recruiting him. He says that he's looking for a school that has great academics as well as athletics. He wants that balance.

"I like colleges with great academics as well as athletics. I like the balance of great schools that have that combination."

There have already been a couple of trips for Ledwik so far this spring and he says that he has at least two more planned. The two summer trips will be to see a couple of more in-state schools and save his official visits for the schools further away.

"I went to junior day at Rice and Texas-San Antonio. I am going to plan on visiting Texas Tech and Baylor, hit the in-state schools, and then leave my official visits for the schools that are further away for me to travel.

"I want to take all five of my visits and the schools that I will probably visit are Nebraska, Oregon State, Oklahoma State and maybe Missouri. Then again this might all change depending on if any other schools offer."

The offer from the Huskers is one of the new ones for Ledwik. He likes the way that the Nebraska staff has decided to recruit him by being informative. He's also liked the approach that doesn't include talking negatively about other programs.

"Nebraska offered me last week. Coach John Garrison is the offensive line coach for Nebraska and he's my recruiting coach. I like how Nebraska is just sitting back, not being aggressive with me and not negatively recruiting against other schools for me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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