Brown With 20 Offers

Alonso guard Gary Brown is yet another very good offensive line prospect from the Tampa Bay area. Right now he's sitting on 20 scholarship offers.

The Tampa Bay area is home to many fine blue-chip offensive line prospects. One such recruit in the 2014 class is Gary Brown from Tampa Alonso.

"Gary has kind of blown up a little further than the rest of my players that are being recruited," said David Emanuel, Alonso's head coach. "What separated Gary from everyone here and the competition is his strength. He's our strongest player. He's a 1400-pounder in the dead lift, squat and bench press (combined). At the same time he's really athletic with really long arms."

Brown, 6-foot-3 and 285-pounds, made a position change this spring as well.

"We moved him from tackle to offensive guard," Emmanuel said. "He was tremendous. We do a lot of pulling, tosses and have power schemes. He adapted to it quickly. And he will be a guard or center in college. So this will help."

According to Emmanuel, Brown is sitting on roughly 20 offers.

"Georgia Tech, Nebraska, USF, Indiana, and Kentucky are his big offers," Emmanuel said. "He has all those MAC offers plus teams like FIU, Tulane and programs like that."

Brown has been to Georgia Tech and plans to hit some more schools this summer.

"I am sure that he and some of his teammates will hit the Florida programs this summer. I know he's planning a trip to go see Indiana and maybe Kentucky and Nebraska. Of course he and his mom have already been to Georgia Tech and I know they liked it a lot."

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