Kalu planning to visit Nebraska

There is already a good visitor list coming together for Nebraska on June 15th. The Nebraska staff will have their annual Big Red Weekend, an invite only junior day, and this defensive back from Houston says that he would like to make the trip.

Josh Kalu from Houston (Texas) Taylor says that his spring was a success. After their spring game last week he feels like both he and his team got better through their spring practices and he's ready for the summer.

"I feel like it went pretty well," Kalu said. "It just ended last week for us with our spring game. I thought that it was a good spring. I got better and the team got better."

The 6-foot-2 and 180-pound defensive back said that he is focused this summer when it comes to his training. He would like to add some pounds to his long frame and polish up his feet.

"I really want to get bigger, add some weight and add some size. I also want to improve my footwork even more, but I think that I am pretty good already."

Kalu plays safety for Taylor, but some schools say that they could see him at either position in the defensive secondary in college. Kalu says that he would prefer to play the same position in college that he plays now.

"I am getting recruited to play cornerback and safety for college. I am playing safety now and I would prefer safety in college. I think that I am able to see things before they actually happen. I watch a lot of film."

The Nebraska offer is a new one for Kalu, but they have made a quick impression on the standout recruit. Kalu and his family are thinking about getting up to Nebraska in a couple of weeks for junior day.

"Yeah, I am planning on it. It's really up to my parents if we are going to go. I would be going up on June 15th for their Big Red Weekend. Coach Ross Els is my recruiting coach from Nebraska.

"I just want to see how I would fit in with everyone that is up there. I would like to see if it's a big family. I would also like to see how I fit in on the field in their defense."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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