Elmore in Lincoln today

Nebraska got a chance to host one of the nation's top tight ends today with Gaelin Elmore on campus. This wasn't the first time Elmore has seen Lincoln, but he left campus impressed with what he saw and heard today.

Gaelin Elmore from Somerset (Wisc.) is getting a little bit of a vacation and recruiting business done before school is officially out. Elmore was checking out a Big 12 school this weekend and last night and today he was in Lincoln checking out Nebraska.

"I actually took a few days off from school to take some visits," Elmore said. "I was at Iowa State on Saturday and Sunday. Sunday night I came to Nebraska and I am on the road heading back home right now.

"Next week we are going to go and check out some more schools. I am going to go to Indiana, Ohio State and Michigan State too."

This wasn't Elmore's first trip to Nebraska. The 6-foot-5 and 240-pound tight end was actually in Lincoln to see one of Nebraska's first practices this spring. This visit was definitely different than the first one though.

"I have been to Nebraska one time before. It was in March and it was one of their first spring practices. This visit was very different than the first visit one was.

"The first visit was more about tours and seeing everything. This visit was much more personal because I got more time with the coaches, talk about their plans. It was their plans about me as a recruit, this class and for me as a player there in that offense possibly."

Elmore says that there is definitely something to be said about the effort that Nebraska is giving recruiting him. He sees a difference in the way that the Husker staff is pursuing him in comparison to some other schools.

"It's very clear how much Nebraska wants me," Elmore said. "You have teams telling you that they want you, but you have to look at the effort that they are giving. Nebraska is clearly following up with what they are saying with how hard they are recruiting me."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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