Jordan set to visit Nebraska

Big Red Weekend was already shaping up a week ago to be a strong weekend for visitors for the Nebraska staff. News today was that this quarterback was also making plans to visit Lincoln that weekend.

Jackson (Ala.) quarterback, Matthew Jordan, just picked up the offer from Nebraska a short time ago. It was offer No. 15 and despite being one of the later offers Jordan is planning on visiting the Huskers next week.

"I am flying out Friday," Jordan said. "I literally made the plans for my visit today. Coach Tim Beck said that I didn't have to come and work out in Lincoln because he saw me throw in my spring game.

"I am really going out there for Big Red Weekend which is Saturday. Coach Beck wants me to come and visit just to see the campus, see the facilities, meet the coaches and see the town."

There are some high expectations for Jordan when it comes to seeing Nebraska. He knows that they are a top-notch football program and he says that he isn't going to make his decision based on facilities or size of the stadium. However, there are a couple of things he can learn more about that could potentially help him with his decision next weekend.

"I know that Nebraska is going to be cool. I know that their stadium is big and that their facilities are going to be nice. All schools have their weight rooms. For me, the coaches and the offense are really the most important part to me about a school when it comes to football."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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