Darlington talks about his decision

Nebraska is starting their Big Red Weekend right after receiving great news on Friday that Zack Darlington wanted to be a member of the 2014 recruiting class. What made Nebraska the right choice for Darlington?

Zack Darlington from Apopka (Flor.) has started Big Red Weekend off right for Nebraska fans by announcing his commitment to the Huskers. Darlington was holding offers from Ohio State, West Virginia, Virginia Tech, Arizona and Boston College among others. Darlington was in Lincoln for a visit last weekend.

"When I went there I was excited to see it," Darlington said. "But it was the people there are Nebraska; everyone there. Not just the coaches or people at the school, but people at the airport who didn't know me or where Apopka was. They were all so nice and really got to know me. That was a huge factor for me."

Darlington sought wise counsel about when he knew he had found the right school for him. All of the people that he spoke with about the decision of choosing a school told him mainly the same thing. They all said that when you have found the right place you will feel like you are at home.

"When I started talking to people about the process and when I would know which school was right they all said that when you're there you know. They said that it would feel like I was at home. When I was in Nebraska on my visit I didn't want to leave."

It's a football scholarship that is drawing Darlington to Nebraska, but there are more than just opportunities for him on the football field at Nebraska. Darlington has a higher calling when it comes to his decision and what he wants to accomplish while he is in Lincoln.

"I have a tremendous opportunity to play football and also a platform for the Lord. I sat down with the team chaplain, who they call "Bama", and we really hit it off. I was blown away. I also spoke with Coach Ron Brown and hearing what he had to say, what he had to offer and what Nebraska had to offer really were some of the biggest reasons why I chose Nebraska."

There are some high hopes pinned to Darlington when it comes to being a member of the recruiting class for Nebraska as their quarterback. He's heard about it already from the Nebraska staff and he embraces it. He says that it will push him to elevate his game and help him make the others around him better.

"I think that if there is on thing that all of the coaches at Nebraska like what I can bring in and do for them is being a leader and make the team better," Darlington said. "That opinion of me really raises the standard. You can talk all you want but you have to go out there and put in the work. I am ready to go and do it."

The timing of Darlington's commitment to Nebraska is ideal. This weekend is Nebraska's Big Red Weekend. The Nebraska staff will be able to tell the other recruits about the newest member of their recruiting class to use it as a stimulus.

"I thought about that a little bit. I just wanted to step up and take a spot in the class. I wanted the other players to know that Nebraska has a quarterback and a leader in the class of 2014."

Darlington is rated a three-star quarterback prospect and is the No. 31 quarterback in the nation according to Scout.com Darlington is planning on graduating at semester from Apopka and enrolling at Nebraska in January making him eligible for spring practices.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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