Williams rates Nebraska a "10"

The number of commitments that Nebraska has picked up over the past 48 hours definitely outshines the players that left Big Red Weekend uncommitted. While T.V. Williams leaves Lincoln uncommitted he also leaves impressed with the Huskers.

T.V. Williams from McKinney (Texas) had a chance the past few days to see a couple of Big Ten schools. Williams was in Lincoln on Thursday to see camp and again today for Big Red Weekend.

"I actually got to Lincoln on Thursday," Williams said. "I got a chance to watch camp and then I went over to Iowa on Friday. I came back to Lincoln today for Big Red Weekend."

The trip to Nebraska was enlightening for Williams. He says that there isn't anything that anyone can tell you that will prepare you for Nebraska's facilities. The opportunity to sit down with Nebraska's offensive coordinator was also impressive.

"It was really eye opening and it starts with the facilities at Nebraska. Everyone tells you about how great Nebraska's facilities are, but you really have to see it to understand how great they are.

"The second thing that really impressed me was my time with Coach Tim Beck. I had a chance to sit down and understand the offense how how creative they are with their offense."

There is a lot of speed on the offensive side of the football and Williams can add to it. He says that he sees a good fit between what he can do and Nebraska's offense. He also sees the direction of the offense under Bo Pelini and his coaching staff.

"I feel like the offense at Nebraska fits me well. They do a lot of zone-option with a bubble on the outside. Coach Tim Beck also told me that I fit in well with the conference because of my speed.

"There is still a stereotype of Nebraska that all they do is rung the football, but I see the transformation of the offense under Coach Beck and it's exciting. Nebraska has the best group of wide receivers in the Big Ten."

Another person that Williams caught up with while in Lincoln was wide receiver Jamal Turner. Turner, originally from Arlington (Texas), had some encouraging things to tell Williams about adjusting to Nebraska coming from North Texas.

"I got a chance to speak with Jamal Turner on Thursday at camp. He told me how much he likes it there. It means a lot when a guy what I am from, and it's a long ways from Nebraska, says how much he likes it there. It means a lot."

The visit to Nebraska gets a perfect score from Williams. He says that he's getting close to trimming his list down to a final five, which he will announce on Twitter, and Williams' commitment announcement will be at his school.

"The visit was a "10". It was great. I had a lot of fun on the visit. My Nebraska visit was a very good one. Nebraska is definitely up there for me on my list. I plan on announcing my top five soon on Twitter and I will make my commitment from my school."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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