Hentges visits Nebraska

There were fireworks left and right with the commitments yesterday in Lincoln during Big Red Weekend. Beyond the commitments though the Nebraska staff was laying a foundation with some top juniors as well.

Jefferson City (Mo.) Helias defensive end, Hale Hentges, was in Lincoln yesterday for Big Red Weekend. Hentges was one of a small number of 2015 prospects visiting Nebraska and said that the visit started out well walking into the football complex.

"We got there around noon yesterday," Hentges said. "We walked into the football complex and it was amazing. It was so much nicer than everywhere else I have ever been.

"After that we went into the players' lounge area and I got a chance to speak with some of the coaches after that. We took the tour and also got a chance to see the stadium renovations."

There was a lot to see, but looking back at the day one of the things that Hentges thinks about is how great all of the people were. He says that the recruits got a chance to hang out with some of the players and also got a great chance to talk with all of the coaches.

"We ate and hung out with the players. We then played a version of home run derby with the Nebraska players. It was fun. The whole trip was fun. All of the people there are so nice. It was a family atmosphere and there coaches were all very friendly."

This was the first time for Hentges to see Nebraska. He says that the visit exceeded his expectations and came away with a clear understanding of how much Nebraska cares for their players.

"This was my first time in Lincoln and the trip probably exceeded any expectations that I had. I expected nice facilities because it's a Big Ten program, but I was blown away with what I saw and all of the cutting edge technology that Nebraska has. They really care about their players there."

The trip to Nebraska is the start of a busy four of five weeks to come for Hentges. His next plans actually are tomorrow and the last of his summer plans to visit other schools extend into the month of July.

"Tomorrow I am going to Missouri for a tour. On the 20th I am going to Notre Dame for a one day camp. On the 27th I head to Wisconsin for a tour and camp. Sometime in July I am going to Tennessee too."

The Nebraska staff extended an offer to Hentges about a month ago. This was his first time to check out Lincoln and after seeing what they have to offer he says that Nebraska is definitely a school where he could see himself at.

"I have had the offer from Nebraska for about a month or so. I would definitely consider going to Nebraska. They are very high on my list. I can't find a single negative about the trip that I took there yesterday. It was definitely a great trip."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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