Newell checks out Nebraska one last time

Peyton Newell has seen Nebraska before, but this trip to Lincoln for Big Red Weekend was different. This is the last time Newell will see what Nebraska has to offer before announcing his college decision on August 30th.

With 30+ offers in his hands Peyton Newell from Hiawatha (Kans.) has gotten down to a final six and is in the final weeks before announcing his college choice. Newell has seen Nebraska a number of times before so was there something he needed to see one more time?

"No there wasn't really anything that I needed to see again while I was there this weekend," Newell said. "I have been to Nebraska a number of times before and have seen what they have to offer.

"But, this time was definitely different. It's different because it's so close to my announcement date of August 30th. This weekend was really about putting together the final pieces for my decision."

The Nebraska recruiting class for 2014 really started to take shape after picking up six commitments in just five days. It's something that has caught Newell's eye and having a chance to hang out with three commitments this weekend is something he will think about until August 30th.

"That is something that is definitely standing out to me. Nebraska's team rankings have really improved in the last week or so after all of the commitments they have received.

"I got a chance to hang out with D.J. Foster, Luke Gifford and Mick Stoltenberg for a couple of hours yesterday. That is something that is going to be in the back of my mind up to my decision because I can really see all of us getting along really well together."

The remaining time up to Newell's commitment will have involve a lot of discussion. The trip to Nebraska may or may not be the last trip he makes until he makes his decision.

"I think that I am just going to be sitting down with my family and my coach to try and figure out which school fits me the best. We have been talking about making another trip to South Carolina this summer, but that's it."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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