Gholston Returns To Where It Started

As a product of the Sound Mind Sound Body camp experience. Former Michigan State Spartan and Detroit (Mich.) native William Gholston made it a point to return and give back. Spartan Digest caught up with the NFL rookie about his decision to return home and start the process of giving back.

The success of the Sound Mind Sound Body camp is more than just high school athletes looking for college exposure.

Life lessons are intertwined throughout the camp from the many college coaches who attend the event and now even former campers who have gone on to college and the NFL are starting to return.

This past weekend, former Michigan State and Detroit (Mich.) Southeastern product William Gholston returned home to the camp that started his journey to the NFL and to becoming a man.

"I came back really to just give back," said Gholston. "I attended this camp as a freshman, and everybody who came and talked to us and gave back to the community really affected me.

"After football I really want to give back to kids. That is why I love this program. "It's not just about football, it's about the development of going from being a youth to a man and I just want to be a part of it."

Following his prep career Gholston learned those he called coaches were really teachers of life as he played under Spartans head coach Mark Dantonio and former defensive line coach Ted Gill. How important of a role did the pair play in Gholston's life?

"They played a very important role in my life," stressed Gholston. "They helped me become who I am. When you go into college you are immature. And I was really immature. They really helped me grow with just different life lessons and different situations. I truly appreciate them as men and as coaches. They not only helped me get to the NFL, they helped me take my mentality, my maturity and my character to a different level."

Because of the family atmosphere Dantonio has build within the Spartans program, Gholston found it hard to leave for the NFL.

"It was a hard decision because being at Michigan State is like being part of a family," said Gholston. "It felt like I was leaving my family. But talking with the guys and the coaches now, they still love me and I love them the same way. They know it was the best decision for me and they still support me."

What will Gholston remember most from his days as a Spartan?

"I'll remember the family more than anything else," said Gholston. "It wasn't just a football program, it was a family at Michigan State and that is what matters the most."

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