Doherty talks Nebraska visit

Nebraska is looking good not just with some 2014 recruits, but also some 2015 recruits after Big Red Weekend. This recruit from Missouri was in Lincoln last weekend to check out Nebraska's baseball and football programs.

Marquis Doherty from Kansas City (Mo.) Winnetonka had a busy weekend last week. The junior-to-be was playing in a baseball tournament when he had to cut away early to make an unofficial visit to Nebraska.

"I went to Nebraska for Big Red Weekend," Doherty said. "I got up there on Friday night, I had a baseball tournament in Oklahoma City so we just left early, and we drove up the day before. That was my first time to see Nebraska."

Doherty, a 6-foot-1 and 190-pound running back and safety is also a standout on the baseball field. The Huskers are actually looking at Doherty to possibly play both sports if he decided to come to Lincoln.

"I play both baseball and football and Nebraska is interested in me to play both sports in college. Coach John Garrison said that he would set up visits with Coach Darin Erstad and Will Bolt to see the baseball facilities. So that morning I got to meet the baseball coaches, see the field and check out the locker room."

After getting a chance to check out the baseball side of Lincoln, Doherty went over to the football complex to check out Nebraska's football facilities. Doherty wasn't prepared to see how big the stadium was and was impressed with the academic side of Nebraska.

"I went over to the stadium after that and checked in. I went into the players' lounger and met with some of the coaches. I went down to do the tunnel walk, walked onto the field and didn't realize how big it was.

"I met with the academic advisors and got to know how they are supposed to help you. I got a chance to see all of the academic awards for Nebraska for either the NCAA or the Big Ten. I was real impressed with the number of academic All-Americans they have had."

The campus was another thing that Doherty came away impressed with. He liked the fact that the campus is pretty close together and wouldn't require him to need a car to get from one end to the other necessarily. He also liked the new athletic dorms.

"I took a tour of the campus and I liked it because it's all right there. I like it when things are close and you don't necessarily need a car, bike or scooter to get around. I saw the new basketball stadium and saw the new football dorms. They were amazing."

There was a chance for Doherty to sit down with the position coach at Nebraska. Coach Ron Brown told Doherty that he's seen his film and that he liked the fact that there were some qualities about Doherty as a runner that you just can't coach.

"My dad and I got a chance to talk to Coach Ron Brown a little bit. He said that he was very impressed me and that I had a lot of intangibles as a running back that you just can't teach."

While Marquis and his father were at Nebraska having lunch they got some good information. Doherty's recruiting coach found him and wanted to make sure that he knew that there was an offer on the table from the Huskers right now.

"On Saturday, while we were eating, Coach John Garrison came up while we were just there sitting around. He came up to tell me that I did have an offer and that they were happy that I was there checking everything out."

There were a lot of things about the visit that really caught Doherty off-guard. He says that he didn't expect to see a lot of things, particularly the quality of things, like he did when he was on his visit to Nebraska.

"I would rate the visit either an "8" or a "9". I didn't expect Nebraska to be as nice or be as state of the art as they were. It never occurred to me how nice things were going to be on the campus or how great the people are there. My dad was with me and he was just as impressed as I was."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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