Coach Speak: Mick Stoltenberg

Nebraska fans were eager to hear the outcome of Mick Stoltenberg's camp performance at Nebraska. The performance ended with an offer and on Saturday Stoltenberg was a Husker while at Big Red Weekend.

Gretna (Nebr.) offensive lineman/defensive end Mick Stoltenberg is special according to Gretna Head Coach, Chad Jepsen. Coach Jepsen has spoken a little with his Stoltenberg since committing to Nebraska, but not a lot.

"I haven't talked to him a lot since he committed," Coach Jepsen said. "Really not much. I am not sure if he knows where he fits in at Nebraska really. Sounds mostly like offensive line, probably offensive tackle, and maybe some as a blocking tight end."

Coach Jepsen says that Stoltenberg actually plays offensive line for him at Gretna and is an excellent blocker. Stoltenberg has also played tight end in the past and could easily make the transition back to that spot if he needed to.

"He plays defensive end and offensive tackle for me right now. He's played tight end before in the past and has the hands and coordination to do it. As an offensive tackle he makes a lot of sense to me for Nebraska because of his frame and the size that he could put on it. He is a really solid blocker."

When Coach Jepsen had to break down Stoltenberg and what he will bring to Nebraska he says that it starts with size. Stoltenberg is also a solid student that is a natural leader and has great character.

"It's really the physical part. It's the size. He's 6-foot-5 and he's added weight to his frame every year coming through the program. I think you realize you could add even more weight, plus the strength that he has, he runs incredibly well, he has good footwork and long arms.

"He's also a great student. He carries somewhere around a 3.8 or 3.9 GPA and scored either a 27 or a 28 on his ACT. He's just a natural leader and a great character kid. You want a kid like this on your team because of the personality and natural leadership ability."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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