BRR Filmroom: Demornay Pierson-El

It's early, but if you look at the Nebraska commitment list there may not be a player that fans are more fired up about than Demornay Pierson-El.

Demornay Pierson-El is listed as a wide receiver by, but watch his highlights and you will admit that Pierson-El could play multiple positions at the next level. The versatility is a plus, but there are negatives too.

Very rarely is a player's highlight video so long that it needs to be broken up into two parts. Pierson-El's is though. More than that one highlight film is on offense and the other is on defense and both are nearly identical in length.

The video shows tremendous athleticism, speed and burst. Pierson-El is the type of player in the offense at Nebraska you could see line up all over the field. One play he could be lined up in the slot with the next in the backfield as a running back and the next he could be operating out of the wildcat.

I am sold on Pierson-El as a player and believe that this is a great pick-up for Nebraska. Many will point to a lack of quality offers and wonder why. I will offer up a couple of guesses.

First is the area. Alexandria is outside of Washington D.C. going the opposite way from Baltimore for one. Many teams would have had to know about Pierson-El prior to making the trip because it's not an area like either D.C. or Baltimore when it comes to quantity of talent.

Second is the versatility and lack of true size. Pierson-El is going to have to spend some time adding weight and size to his frame. He can definitely do it, but he will need to get stronger and bigger to really be effective at the next level.

When you see Nebraska's offense these days with Bo Pelini as the head coach and Tim Beck as the offensive coordinator the direction is clear. Be multiple. Be fast. Pierson-El adds additional flexibility and the possibilities of more wrinkles in Beck's offense at Nebraska.



Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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