Huskers grab gem out of CenTex

A reported 40-time was hanging over Trai Mosley. The land of the Internet said that the cornerback from Pflugerville (Texas) Hendrickson was more 4.6 than 4.4. Then Mosley camped at Nebraska and showed what kind of speed he really has.

More concerns over stars or even other offers will immediate influence Nebraska fans' opinion of Trai Mosley. You must watch the film though to see what can be summed up best with one word: explosive.

There are a good number of D-I recruits from Hendrickson this year, but prior to Mosley camping at Nebraska and ultimately getting and accepting an offer from the Huskers he wasn't considered to be one of them. His name was getting out there though by those that would see him play 7-on-7.

Kevin Flaherty, the publisher from Longhorn Digest on the network, has seen Hendrickson play a number of times this summer. He says that when he's seen Hendrickson that Mosley really stands out on a talented team.

"Mosley is a stud," Flaherty says. "If he were 6-foot tall he'd have everyone in the country looking at him. He's big-time. I have seen him play five or six, 7-on-7 games plus I saw him this spring.

"The kid is explosive. Hendrickson barely lost to Lake Travis who is unreal in 7-on-7 and he (Mosley) was the main reason why. He picked off something like three passes and made some incredible, athletic plays."

Flaherty has kept stats on Mosley this summer from the games he's seen and the interceptions that Mosley has hauled in. "I looked at my notes. I saw him in five, 7-on-7 games and he had eight picks in those five games. That's ridiculous! Four of them were pick-six."

Mosley came to Lincoln stating that the Nebraska coaches were concerned about a reported 4.6/40 time. Once Mosley posted a 4.43 and worked with the Nebraska staff during camp an offer was extended.

The Nebraska summer camps and Big Red Weekend have proven once again to be very effective tools to get a chance to see some recruits up close.

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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