Breaking Down: Larenzo Stewart

Film is great when you can't get an actual eye on the person that you are evaluating. That is what makes and Fox Sports Next so special though because people like Ahmard Vital are on the ground and be brings his thoughts about Nebraska's latest commitment.

Going into yesterday the name Larenzo Stewart was one that many Nebraska fans had heard of, but wouldn't have had anywhere on their list of recruits ready to commit. It's what makes recruiting great and that it's not always predictable.

It was a surprise, but the real surprise was when people got the chance to put on the running back's, from Spring (Texas) Klein Oak, film on and saw what made him special. Ahmard Vital from Fox Sports Next has seen Stewart in person a number of times and offers up his opinion of Stewart as a running back prospect who can do other things on the football field.

"My impressions of Stewart is a speedy, scat type of back who has plenty of versatility," Vital said. "He can be effective out of the backfield and dangerous in the slot. Overall, he is a guy who can fit into any type of offense. Mainly because he is a playmaker and there is always room for those guys.

"It seems that the Nebraska coaches see the same as I see. Move Stewart around and allow him athleticism to create mismatches all over the field. Use him in different packages. Bottom here is, Stewart needs space to operate. I think I like him more in the slot, and that is only because, with his speed, he will find a way to get open to make a play.

"From there, it is a matter space and opportunity. And with those odds, my money is on Stewart to win a high percentage of those."

The one thing that people have pointed to when it comes to Stewart as a recruit is his lack of ideal height and weight. He's small. At the running back position being a little short doesn't hurt you as bad as it would if you played another position. Vital says that size hurt the offer list, but a team like Nebraska really stole one.

"I think that many programs were concerned with his size. And based on talks with those close to his recruitment, it absolutely played a factor in that. Many were waiting (not sure what for) to see if they wanted to seriously pursue a player like Stewart. Sure he doesn't fit the ideal size, but he is lethal with the ball in his hands and tough as nails. He is one you should take a chance on and Nebraska did."

If you look at Stewart's rating on it's clear that Stewart has not been properly evaluated yet, but he should be in the next rankings. The next question is where will Stewart be rated? Vital has no skin in that game, but offers up his opinion on where he thinks Stewart fits in the rankings.

"Based on what I have seen (mind you I have no part in the rankings), I see him as a three-star guy," Vital said. "That's just what I see and I don't have vote in this."

Bryan Munson has worked with Big Red Report for 10 years covering recruiting and football and has covered Nebraska recruiting for 12 years.
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