Hoops Profile: David Rivers

With so many new additions, David Rivers is a name often lost by Nebraska fans when thinking of the 2013-14 season, but he could have a major role in a few months.

Height: 6-foot-7

Weight: 191 pounds

Year: Junior

Hometown: Little Rock, Arkansas

Previous School: Hall High School

Out Of High School Offers: Baylor, Colorado, Nebraska, Wichita State

Strengths: Rivers is another guy on Nebraska's roster that has the versatility to play more than one position. In some roster combinations expect to see Rivers at the small forward position, and other times we can expect to see him as a power forward. Rivers has a terrific spot up jump shot, and when he can get a couple shots to fall in a row, his confidence seems to go through the roof. The mid-range jump shot is something that seems to be lost in this era of basketball, but with guys like Pitchford, Pettaway, and Webster being slashers, Rivers should see a heavy dose of open mid-range jumpers.

Weaknesses: In his two years at Nebraska, two things have really prevented Rivers from living up to his potential. In his first year under Doc Sadler, Rivers saw the foor very rarely. In his sophomore season Rivers played a good number of minutes, but seemed to have a confidence issue. Talent and natural ability is something that Rivers has never lacked, but having confidence in his own game can really determine if he will go off, or be lost in the rotation. With many additions to the Huskers roster and rotation, Rivers name has seemed slip the mind of Nebraska fans, but expect the junior to make a solid contribution this season.

2012-2013 Look Back: Rivers started the season on the bench but after an elbow injury to Brandon Ubel, he moved into the starting role and never relinquished it. Rivers played in all 33 games last season, averaging 5.6 ppg and 3.4 rpg in just over 25 minutes of action.

2013-2014 Outlook: Depending on the rotation combinations that Miles goes with this season, Rivers should split time between small forward and power forward. There probably isn't many scenarios in which the Arkansas native starts this season, but he will add valuable depth, which the Huskers have lacked the past few seasons.

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